Thursday, January 23, 2020

Cross Country Kit Progress

      Tuesday I managed to talk myself into getting some work done on the cross country kits while I was at the laundromat. Before I left the house I made a template out of corrugated cardboard. I have used thick cardstock for most templates and they tend to lose their shape somewhat easily. I am hoping this one will last a lot longer. 
    I decided I would bring my clipboard for working, even though they have convenient coffee tables. It is COLD in the laundromat in the winter and I wanted to snuggle into my coat, used as a cape of course, and working on my lap was a bit warmer. And nicer for my back. 
     I got most of the pinnies made, and on the vests, but I ran out of the white ribbon I use for straps so couldn't finish up that step. But progress has been made!
      I also had to share this really cute little makeup sample, because most of us really like miniatures, lol. The brand, Beauty Bakerie, has baking themed packaging for all of their products. It's really cute. This is a sample of "flour" with is a translucent loose powder. The packing of the shipping package was wonderful and the packaging for the items was really cute. I am not the type of person who saves packaging (I want less useless stuff hanging around, not more) so I don't keep the cute stuff. Though I can appreciate cute packaging. 
     I am hoping to finish up the cross country vests soon, but I seem to not be getting as much done as I would like when I do work on them. Maybe I am still in hibernation mode. But I AM making progress, which is what I need to keep on reminding myself. And once all the cross country kits are done I will actually have a fairly large stock of small items ready for my live sale. Which is good, because currently I have no dolls ready for it!

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