Sunday, January 5, 2020

Saturday Fun

     I really have been having a ton of fun with makeup these days. And I guess skincare in general. Even without any makeup my skin is looking pretty great. Moisturizer is so much nicer for your face than neglect. The effort is making my skin look so much better and is making me feel better overall. Plus I usually only have S.A.D issues for a couple of weeks when the seasons change. It's only been a few days since I started doing a full face of makeup, but I like what I have been using. Not pricey, but excellent quality, L'Oreal foundation and powder. Over e.l.f. primer and with e.l.f. concealer. I am really impressed with these super affordable "drug store brands". Yesterday also saw e.l.f. bronzing powder and highlighter. I'm a fan.
       I got together with Liesl yesterday and we had a really nice lunch at a Chinese/Japanese restaurant neither of us has ever been do. My "fortune" was really not a fortune, just a statement of fact. I am well aware that dwelling on the negative simply contributes to its power. Which is why I try really hard to dwell on the positive. Even if I have to reach for it. For example, yesterday I could say it was crap weather and it was gross and awful. Which would not be a lie really. What I actually said was, 42 degrees is really warm for January in Massachusetts. It was raining and gloomy, but I was out in a fleece and I didn't die. Good times. 
    Before we parted ways I got a picture with Liesl, which I said I wouldn't put on the blog because she didn't like it. Then I joked that I would put a big smiley face sticker over her face and she said that was great and I could do that! So here I am with Liesl (maybe? Who can tell?). It was a good day. And she made the longer trip so I only have to go about a half hour away. Not bad at all. 
       Liesl brought me a Little Leggies who I now need to prep and decide what I want her to look like. Or make her get in line while I figure out what I want all the other minis to look like. I believe I own every version of Leggs that was ever created. Not all of them are currently in my possession, but someday they will be!
      When I got home it was to the lovely smell of turkey cooking. I had it all prepped before I left and Ethan got it started. As usual with turkey, it was amazing and we will have plenty of leftovers. I am OK with that. Maybe this time around I will make some turkey salad. Mmmm. 
     So yesterday I also did no doll work, but it was Saturday and I try not to work on the weekends. Depending on what today brings, and my level of motivation, I might work on a bit today. We'll see. Yesterday I officially signed up for NaMoPaiMo and I need to take my selfie with my unpainted horse and get her posted. I saw a bunch of those photos on the Facebook group yesterday, and it was scary because none of them looked prepped! They may have been prepped in white, but it was still scary! Prep your horses people! Painting starts February 1st!

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