Monday, January 6, 2020

Painting Plans

     This post is not all about makeup. But I am 100% going to talk about makeup. Anyone who has been reading for a bit knows that I have been playing with makeup a lot more lately. It makes me happy and I love the artistry involved in doing makeup. So I have been practicing and trying out new products. Yesterday I got some more L'Oreal foundation and powder in the mail. This is the pro-glow formula and honestly, I don't really see much of a difference from the other formula. Maybe I just can't tell. 

     I do think that this color is a slightly better match to my skin tone than the other color I have. Though neither is a bad match. Here's my "serious" face. I actually really like this purple eyeshadow look (a mix of MAC and Urban Decay) and the nude lipstick (which is L'Oreal Infallible liquid lip in shade angora). My eyeshadow also coordinates well with my hair and my fleece!
      So other than painting my face, I do have plans to paint during NaMoPaiMo again this year. Here I am with my already-prepped Ballycor resin. I am aiming to paint her to a Palomino. Yes, that is the color I painted last year on Hugh, but it is the only time I painted that color and I do not own a traditional scale palomino horse. I have also never managed to paint a traditional scale horse that didn't look like crap. So I am hoping to take everything I learned on Hugh and make Ballycor a horse I will not be ashamed to bring in public. And then I will performance show the crap out of her!
     I do have a few prepped stablemates that are for sale. Alborozo is not perfection, if you hold him in just the right way you can see a speck of where his horn was. If I have time and good weather soon I might see if I can touch up that spot and finish up the other two I am working on. 
       Yesterday was full of a bunch of sorting and errands. I went through a bunch of old camping stuff Ethan and I haven't used in a lot of years. I got rid of things that were full of mold or had gotten far beyond any use. I found some stuff that was missing and Travis and I went and did some shopping. The day was a little bit productive. I kind of wish that it had been a bit more lazy. Maybe next weekend I can try for lazy...

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