Monday, January 27, 2020


      Sometimes switching up the way I do things, or even the order, makes it more interesting. I have been making dolls for 14 years and have made over 1300 dolls plus I have no idea how many doll and horse accessories. Sometimes things get boring. This past weekend I was working on saddlebags and I thought it would be fun to switch it up and work on several at a time. Saturday I worked on teal and royal blue marbled bags. Yesterday I worked on brown, red and pink marbled bags. 
     I only got as far as cutting out the pieces and ironing everything into shape, but it's a start. For anyone interested, I also did not finish the blue and teal bags yet, lol. I just keep starting more! So when these are done I will have 5 sets of bags ready to go. I picked up some awesome lime green fabric today, which will definitely be next on deck! I am not sure what other color I want to grab next, maybe a marbled black.I do want to have a good amount of finished saddlebags when I get through them all. I am aiming for a nice variety in the color wheel of saddlebags!
     Travis lost his dog tags several days ago. I have no idea if they are in his room somewhere very safe (we all know when you put stuff in a safe place it may be gone forever) or if they got left at school. I don't even know why he took them off, but they are nowhere to be found. So we went to Walmart to make some new ones. Travis was watching the machine carve the tags by peeking over my shoulder. Which was funny because he had to leave down kind of a lot to even do this. So I grabbed this funny picture, Travis got new dog tags and all is well. And now that I bought the new tags we are almost certain to find the old ones sooner or later. That was what happened when I replaced the lost mailbox key!
I ended up working all weekend, which I don't like to do. It happened though. It will make it easier to slack off during the week if I end up with days where I don't get any doll work done. Again. I am hoping later today I can at least talk myself into cutting out some doll clothes. Which I have been meaning to do for days. If I can get that done and maybe some work on saddlebags, that would be fantastic!

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