Friday, May 22, 2020

Edible Math

       There are some days where I am a hot mess and can barely seem to function. Then there are days when things seem to fall into place nicely and things work out and flow together almost seamlessly. On Wednesdays Travis and I always bake and this time around we were very prepared! Not only did he get up early and go through his schooling very efficiently, but for math he did a lesson on equivalent fractions. Coincidentally we were making scones, which you need to cut into equal pieces.   
       So his math lesson flowed seamlessly into his baking and we got through a ton of school work much earlier in the day than we normally do. He had a video class with his teacher and they read a story about caves. And then Travis and I shared photos with her from our trip to Howes Cavern last fall. Travis already knew tons about caves! For anyone interested in the scones, they are low carb cinnamon roll scones and they were amazing!
      Ethan and I still have some house work to get to but we were too sore to get around to it so I worked on some other bits and pieces of things instead. I got into the watches and medbands for the cross country kits. I did a lot but I also still have a lot to go. 
      I finished up this casual western lady and did some bits and pieces on a couple of other dolls. Wednesday was a really productive day! I am hoping for some more days like that for sure. 
     The weather has finally been much more Spring like which is both good and bad. Good because I am glad to finally not be cold and I can open the windows, but bad because I am so insanely busy I don't have a lot of time to spend outside. And the state is still basically closed so there is not a ton of stuff to do. With so much closed and good weather people are flocking (like, huge crowds!) to the few open hiking/outdoor areas. So basically it seems like a good idea to not go there. And when the weather changes I get tired and unmotivated. Maybe I will snap out of it soon and be able to get out and enjoy the nice weather. Before the mosquitos and ticks ruin it. 

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Darleen said...

Pretty much every day I am a hot mess. I read your posts and wonder why the heck I can't be even half as productive, you are a Super Mom! Think I'm going to have to make those scones with Sammy... he is also working on fractions. We are also dealing with the whole world flocking to the outdoor areas, so I have nowhere to walk. And well, I am abnormally paranoid about ticks. I owe you a BIG HUG when we are through all this!