Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Shiny Objects!

    I love shiny objects. Swarovski crystals are one of my favorite things and are added to almost every western doll, at least as bits of accent, and also to most hunt seat dolls. I love crystals as suncatchers and things that sparkle in general. I really love shiny objects. Breyer Crystal is something I collect that I am actually aiming to have each piece. I often regret not buying all of the smaller pieces when they were originally released as regular runs. I do have unbridled, which is Silver, just tiny. 
Photo From Identify Your Breyer
      And I have Dynamic (tiny Andalusian Stallion)
Photo from Identify Your Breyer
And I have Majestic (tiny Gypsy Vanner)
Photo From Identify Your Breyer
     I did not get Charisma (Zippo Pine Bar), Freedom (Newsworthy) or Passion (Huckleberry Bey). At the time these were available I didn't particularly love/want Charisma or Freedom and I think maybe Passion was sold out. But now I am on the hunt for these so I can have a complete set. 
     I also don't have Esprit, who was from the World Equestrian Games. That is one I would definitely like to add to my collection. 
      Breyer started offering crystal horses as store specials at Breyerfest in 2013 (I believe) with Belle Meade, who I also don't own and need for my collection.
Photo From Identify Your Breyer
     Every year after that I have gotten the crystal horse. Either from a couple of good friends picking them up for me or from buying on the secondary market if I didn't have anyone I knew who was able to get one for me. 

I love these shiny horses!
Currently they are not displayed but that doesn't mean I love them less. 
     I used to just buy the Breyer crystal horses that I absolutely loved. Which, in general, I think is a really good way to collect. 
Home Straight . Photo from Identify Your Breyer.
     But now that I have most of the crystal horses produced by Breyer, I kind of want to have all of them. Though it is an ongoing hunt. I am not willing to pay an astronomical markup on an item I just want to have a complete collection. I don't NEED them that badly. 
Defiant. Photo from Identify Your Breyer
      Eventually I am hoping to find Passion, Charisma and Freedom for good prices. I also want to find Belle Meade and Esprit. For now though I will have my semi-complete collection of Breyer Crystal horses and will wait somewhat impatiently to see what the Breyerfest 2020 crystal horse is going to be. This will be the first year I can buy my own! 


Mini Hoofbeats Studio said...

Wait! How big are the Breyer Crystals? I've never seen one in person, so I've always assumed they were Traditional scale.

timaru star ii said...

It is wonderful to have a 'general' collecting goal, and I think this one is perfect. One of my equivalents is every Palomino SM.

Field of Dolls Studio said...

The Breyer Crystal horses are about curio scale. The original ones were a bit smaller, but larger than stablemate scale. But definitely smaller than traditional.