Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Teeny, Tiny Hunt Seat Doll

     I think I have mentioned the teeny tiny hunt seat doll that I am working on. I think I mentioned that hunt seat dolls are normally easy (or really, I have made so many of them they are fairly easy). I am pretty sure I have also mentioned that this particular hunt seat doll has been pretty difficult. She is going to be adorable. But first, she needs to stay together. Her limbs separate fairly easily. Even when they are in very fitted pieces of clothing they sometimes separate and fall off. I can't have that!
     So I literally pinned the elbow and knee joints together. Then I cut off the pin ends and smashed them down with pliers. Once they are in super fitted tiny clothing, they will not be able to wiggle off anymore. I think this will work.
       I made an incredibly tiny, not super detailed, pair of boots. The doll's feet are so small I couldn't really add much of anything for detail. But I got them on and got the breeches stitched underneath. Everything should definitely stay in place now!
      I don't love working in this scale really. But this kid is going to be pretty cute when she's finished I think. I got her gloves painted (but not on in this photo) and just have to get her head and helmet taken care of. And she needs coat buttons. But she is coming along and I think I have made it through most of the really difficult parts of her. 


ShamrockFarmsInc. said...

EXCELLENT work! She is adorable even if she is challenging to clothe!

Four Corners Tack said...

Oh I need a doll this size for my Shetland pony!