Monday, May 18, 2020

Miniatures, Cleaning and a Birthday, Oh My!

        I think I have mentioned that I have been ordering things for my miniatures sale in August. I do plan on making a bunch of things, but I know how much I, and most hobby people, like miniatures, so I figured buying some stuff wholesale and reselling could be fun. I might be wrong but I imagine that people being able to get a variety of miniatures in one place, without having to pay all of the separate shipping charges (they sure add up!) And without having to wait for months to get all the things, might just be enticing. Seriously. I ordered some of the stuff at the beginning of April. Not here yet. But I will have everything ready for the sale. I am still not entirely sure exactly what I will have available, but there will be a good variety of things. 
      The miniatures sale will be at some point in August, though I have not set a date for that just yet. I am working on my NOT going to Breyerfest sale and my prep is going well. The other day I finished this upper level dressage lady. Her photo got posted on my Instagram and Studio page on Facebook. People seem to really be into the purple accents on this.
     I also finished a cross country rider for an order and she is headed off for home. 

     Saturday morning there was a reveal video for a new Jeffree Star cosmetics collection. Not as big as some previous collections, but pretty fantastic. I grabbed a screenshot of the palette and I am in love! Jeffree called it a gothic neutrals palette, and I think that is a fairly accurate description. Some people are already dragging it saying it's not dark enough or there are way too many light colors for it to be considered a goth palette. I guarantee I can do a wide variety of goth looks with this collection. And neutral everyday looks, wedding type looks. This one is going to be fun to play with. 
     Crystal's birthday was on Thursday and I got a chance to drive out and see her on Saturday. I hung a birthday gift on her door and we had a socially distant visit. I said we needed to take a selfie, it's been a long time since we got one! And I managed to make it work. Sooner or later we will get back to real visits with proper hugs and proper selfies!
      After my horse show in my room last weekend I left the tack room a complete mess. So I finally got it cleaned up and organized again and I am very happy with it. This little tack room is an art piece in itself and has been a wonderful way to display my tack. I have added to and changed things over the years and sooner or later I am sure something will get changed again. Come to think of it, I may have more things coming from etsy that go in the tack room. Though either I forgot to put in the order or it's taking awhile. Hard to say with the way the postal service is running these days. I grew up in the time of "4-6 weeks for delivery" so I really should be OK with this. But Amazon Prime spoiled the crap out of me. Two day shipping was like magic. But that magic is gone. Nothing comes in 2 days anymore. Maybe some day. Maybe not. 
      Ethan, Travis and I went out and did a bunch of yard work on Saturday. I super hate yard work but it was not too bad with all of us helping out. Things look a bit better out there and the bonus I need to remind myself of is the free workout. I have been feeling a bit heavy these days. Some is weight but I think most of it is lack of physical activity. I need to move around more. I just don't want to, lol. But the weather has been getting nicer so maybe some more outdoor things will happen soon. Maybe Travis and I can start training for running events. We'll see. 


Danielle Feldman said...

Your tack room is killer!

Braymere said...

I love your tack room so much! Great selfie with Crystal, too. <3