Thursday, May 21, 2020

House Work

     I wonder if anyone will even read a post with the title House Work? I thought about other things to call this post, but House Work won. That was most of Tuesday after all. In the morning Travis and I did our school work, I worked on finishing pinnies and then Ethan and I went outside to do some home repairs. You know, house work. I was happy to finish up all the pinnies before it was time for the repairs. Just med bands and watches and all of these sets will be finished! I feel like they have been in the works for a long time. 
      We have a long list of home repairs and home improvement projects that need to be done. Sometimes Ethan does them himself. Sometimes he just needs a bit of help, or things just go faster with help. The stuff we have going on this week really just need two people. Even if one of them (me) is often hanging around waiting to see what is needed. I have gotten quite a workout carrying, holding and moving things. Not a fun workout, but a workout. And the repairs are happening. More are to come, but at least I am managing all of the things. For now. 
      After we finished housework and had supper I got some sewing done. I had 5 outfits cut out but I pooped out after sewing 4. That will give me plenty of things I can work on. I may only be able to get bits and pieces done in the morning or in the evening, but sooner or later I will finish this next batch of dolls. And the cross country kits. Even small steps will get you to your goal eventually. 
     It is looking like this week I may not have all that much time for doll work. Or rest. But I have been getting more dolls finished than strictly necessary, so I will be OK. As long as not all of the next 6 weeks are like this, I can still make my goals. The cross country kits are nearly finished and I have some saddlebags started. I should be OK. I just need to keep pecking away at all of the projects. 

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timaru star ii said...

I read it. Little steps count. I just learned that 'pinnie' comes from pinafore.