Saturday, May 2, 2020

You're Gonna Do What???

     I struggled with doll work yesterday. A lot. Travis had a very long video chat with his para (worth it) so we got a late start on school. Then I struggled to get started on the sewing. Ethan needed me to bring stuff up the ladder for him so he could do some work on the roof (I am super scared of heights) and I was just sort of feeling off. Kind of tired, a bit headachy, everything was a bit of a struggle. But I did finally get into some doll work. And then I struggled some more. I am turning one of the cool basketball guys into a hunt seat doll for an order. And he was fighting me every step of the way. He didn't want to fit into the coat, his skin is a bit rubbery so it kept catching on the fabric. He eventually ripped a seam right out of the coat! So I told him I was going to dremel off part of his arms. He made this face at me. 
      I got to field test my new hand-held rotary tool that Heather gifted me. It's awesome. And it does exactly what I meant for it to do. For full doll prepping I will likely pull out the big dremel, but that requires a long extension cord, time, etc. This was a super nice way to quickly remove just a bit more material to try to get the fit to work on the coat. In case you are curious, it didn't work. I had to throw it out and start over.
      In the end with a bit added to the pattern, and some really careful sewing, I got a coat that fit this guy. It is still in the super ugly stage (it's inside out) but it fits. I also took down the rubberiness of his skin so the material slides better. Good times.
      The hunt coat for the basketball guy was larger than what I usually need to make, which was tricky in some ways. I am also working on a super teeny hunt seat doll. This sewing picture is of tiny breeches. 
     Really tiny breeches. I am not a super fan of working in this scale, but things are starting to come together. Slowly. Though I seemed to save some doll for last that should have been easy but turned out to be pretty hard. In the regular course of life, hunt seat dolls are easy. Not this time! But they are coming together. And I have plans. 
     I got another gift in from the Amazon wish-list gift exchange game. I jumped on several of those and they are really fun. Mostly I love giving people gifts. But I have been trying to find some different Breyer dogs lately and this set had this cute beagle. Or it's on the beagle mold anyway. Mary Vineyard gifted me this set and I was really happy to receive it. I am sure the little props will end up in a performance scene at some point. The dog and cat will too I am sure, and the doll... sorry little doll, this is a bad place to come to if you are a Breyer doll. When it's all over, you'll be awesome!
      I have no idea if I will do any doll work this weekend, most likely not, so I am not sure what I can even blog about.  The weather should be really nice, hopefully we can get outside and get some fresh air and exercise. I saw an article yesterday that governor Baker is requiring people wear masks in public starting on May 6th. Some people are really mad about it. I think that maybe it's a step towards at least starting to open things up again. The stay at home order is already in effect until the 18th, mask requirement start on the 6th, that gives everyone 13 days to get used to it. Or to find masks, which I know is tough. Maybe after that businesses can slowly start to open again. We'll see. 

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