Friday, May 1, 2020

Amazing clickable title!

       I am pretty sure that it's the title of the blog that helps to draw people in to read. I don't always have an eye catching title, but from page views I would say this is true. Sorry guys, this is not going to be as amazing as the title promised. But isn't that the way of most click-bait?
    What I will give you is Travis working on getting into a yoga pose (warrior). His teacher has been sending a morning announcements video every day this week with the weather, the date, whatever national day it is, (conveniently, it was national superheros day) and they do a yoga pose. I think there are other things in the announcements, but it is not my school day. Other than the morning announcements, Travis and I had a mostly tech-based school day today. I signed up for an account on brainpop and we did a bit of everything, and took the quizzes at the end. I think he liked it. I thought it was cool. There are bunches of mini lessons under each subject. I thought Travis might like a break from worksheets. Though I LOVE worksheets! We also watched a Bill Nye video and Travis did some jumping jacks. That is part of most of his school days. 
     Since I finally had interfacing again, and had lots of mask pieces partially prepped, I got into more mask making today. I ironed in so much interfacing. 
     Then I moved into a bit of doll work. I cut out several doll outfits and a big pile of pieces of padding for the cross country kits. 
     I used to do something more elaborate with the padding on the vests and then I realized I was covering up most of it with the pinnies. This way is more efficient. I managed to get the padding in all 18 vests. None of the lining is in yet, but it is another step done. I am making progress!
      I also got some more masks sewn. I really like the cute new fabrics I got in. Most of these are lined in plain white fabric. The pig one is actually reversible and has the bacon print on the inside. Because I am a terrible person. And it was funny. I still have a lot more prepped but I need a break from sewing. 
      So some school got done, doll work got worked on, I did my school work too. It has been a fairly busy week. Today I want to get some doll clothes sewn and maybe some more masks. I might see if I have time to get a doll dressed or at least get started on some doll dressing. And then, maybe a bit of a break for the weekend. The weather should be good on Sunday. 


Lynn Isenbarger said...

I love Brain Pop! I used that in my classroom many times. Another fun one is Mystery Doug. It's free and every week there is a five minute or so video answering questions sent in by kids. (True confession: I'm retired and still watch it.) Go to

timaru star ii said...

I was hooting out loud at the pigs and bacon ---