Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Fun in the Sun People

      So many of us when we go to model horse shows are excited to see our friends. A lot of times we only see our horse show friends at horse shows, so maybe only get to see certain people a few times a year. Often we also forget to take pictures of people at horse shows. So I decided that this year at Fun in the Sun it was going to be The Day of Selfies. I started as soon as I picked Elecktra up. She said she feels selfies are overdone and she will only take them with me. I said whatever, just get in the picture. So here are a bunch of horse show friends. I didn't get everyone, but I did get a bunch. 
Elecktra and me
Me and Larry Nichols
Nancy Timm and me

Me (looking crazy) and Laura Rock-Smith (she judged collectibility)

Stacylynn Mullady (she hosted) and me
Amanda Reed (she judged breed) and me

Me and Brenda Bednar

Linda White (she has crazy-good sewing skills. She made that awesome shirt!) and me

Marci Driscoll and me

Robin  Briscoe and Me

Larry Nichols and Karen Pajak's Hamilton

Me and Nancy Stocky

Me and Kate Dwyer

Sara Hartman (she judged performance) and me

Me and Donna Gruhn
     I was really happy I remembered to take photos of people. Not only do I not see a lot of these people more than a few times a year (if that) but a lot of them are not on Facebook, or don't post photos of themselves. It's really nice to have pictures of people. Because really, that is the best part of model horse shows. 

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timaru star ii said...

Couldn't agree with you more! So nice to see Marci and Sara H -- I hadn't seen one and the other only once!