Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Mom Is My Hero

      I still don't have my sewing machine back. I still have not heard from the repair place so I still have no idea when I will get it back. I really need to sew. So I called Mom and asked if I could come and use her machine. And she said sure and warned me that it was a bit finicky these days. Whatever, I can deal with finicky. Here is a pic of my Mom and I. She is my hero. 
    This is the sewing machine I got to work with. It is at least 50 years old (Mom is not sure exactly how old but she had it before she got married and she and Dad celebrated their 49th wedding anniversary last week). This is also the sewing machine I learned on. It is a very old Singer and basically solid metal. And tiny in comparison to mine. Even the presser foot is smaller, which is actually an excellent feature when working on the inseam of teeny breeches. I got a bit spoiled with that today. 
     So I finally got to do some sewing and I laughed a bit and asked Mom if she remembered when she used to yell at me for using her sewing machine (she taught me to sew when I was 5 and I was only allowed to use the machine with supervision until I was a lot older than that). She said, now you know how to sew. And then she said that in case she never told me, she is really impressed with what I have been able to do with my talent. Not gonna lie, I teared up a bit and said I needed a hug. My Mom is awesome. And her machine ran so smoothly! I did have to stomp the pedal a few times (it needs that) but I only broke the thread once in over an hour and a half. I got through 9 outfits of sewing in that time and I didn't have to swear at all. AND I impressed my Mom. Good day. 
      It was so nice to have a nice big pile of sewn doll clothes! Now I had options of what to work on finishing and I didn't have to keep doing random stuff like hairing heads and so on. I was getting a little twitchy by the end of the sewing, but I had been sitting there a long time. But now I am set for a bit.
     Anyway, I got home with my baggie of clothes and I set to work on finishing a couple of dolls. It was an excellent feeling. I have had the clothes cut out for so long I am not even entirely sure what my plans were for everything. But I know the one on the right was meant to be a simpler doll with the cool fabric being the main focus. She does have bling on her cuffs, collar and belt, but mostly the fabric (which is sort of sage/light aqua and silver) is what I wanted to be what drew your eye. For the doll on the left I knew my plan had been to make another rainbow doll, but different from the first one I did. I really like how she came out, and she has a lot more bling than the other doll. I think both these dolls are fun in their own way. And I am really thrilled that I got to FINISH some dolls. 
     This morning I made some more horse boots and, if I can keep talking myself into it, I plan to make at least 3-4 pairs every day until Friday. That will give me a bunch of new stock for the show on Saturday. Plus I will keep working on trying to get some more dolls finished. Goals. 
      Without my sewing machine, and not knowing when I will get it back, I have been feeling stuck and unmotivated. Today I got to move past that and get stuff done. Which is highly motivating. Thank you Mom for letting me come use your sewing machine. And for teaching me to sew in the first place. You are my hero. 

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timaru star ii said...

Moms are heroes -- no doubt about it, although technically it's supposed to be heroines. :) I really like that rainbow doll: the color would fit with a very wide variety of horses and tack --