Sunday, August 25, 2019

Progress and a new sewing machine

      I gave the new Singer machine a good try, I really did. I know it seems like it was just yesterday that I got the new one, but it was not. I had the pink machine for several days and tried it three different times. But when you have to fight the machine sticking and rethread it over and over on one tiny article of clothing, eventually you have to decide enough is enough. So I boxed it up to bring it back to Joann's. I was really hoping it would be a decent machine. At least good enough to be a backup machine for when my good one needs to be repaired. But no, it was horrid. So bad I am actually considering leaving a review to help warn off potential buyers. No beginner should have to deal with that machine. 
     Anyway, originally when I started looking I was thinking I would get the Singer Fashion Mate. It's another basic machine, somewhat higher end than the pink one I hated, but it was still a good price, was on sale and has an upright spool holder. Right there is a reason this is a better machine for me. So I returned the pink Singer and for just a little bit more money I got the Fashion Mate. Totally worth it. Right from the start this was a way better machine. It sounded nice, not like a toy, waiting to fall apart. It didn't grease up my material when I started, like the other one did. It has more stitch options, including adjustable width, but I am just pleased it has an upright spool holder. Really, that apparently is an essential if you use invisible thread. 
       It also has a drop in bobbin case, which is just like my Husqvarna. I don't have to take apart half of the machine to change out the bobbin now. That is a wonderful thing. Everything was much smoother and pleasant to use. This would be an excellent sewing machine for an actual beginner. It is super easy to use, there are diagrams all over the machine for how to do everything and it works incredibly well. 
      I did just a couple of practice seems on some scrap fabric, to check and make sure the machine wasn't going to grease up my doll clothes. Seriously, the other machine needed to be worked for a bit before it stopped leaving greasy lines on the fabric. I jumped right into making a saddle seat coat. The machine did try to suck in the edge of the material a few times when I was starting a seam. But every machine I have ever used will do that with tiny stuff if you are not careful. So I will learn the particular rhythms of this new machine. I think it will make an excellent backup machine. I got 3 outfits sewn up in a short amount of time and I actually enjoyed the sewing! 
     I got this gaming lady done the other day for an order and I have a gaming doll in the works for TJS. I finished up a driving doll and I have a couple more saddle seat dolls in the works. I was really efficient the other day. I got several heads haired, clothes sewn, other clothes cut out. Plus got a new sewing machine. I am pretty much out of days to work long hours on dolls, but I had a productive summer. 
     So now I will have to go back to work at school and dolling time will be limited. I should probably have at least a few hours to work most afternoons. That should allow me to make at least a few dolls a week. As long as I actually work and don't just slack. I will probably need some time to adjust to getting up at dark o'clock again, but then I can hopefully be productive. Just a couple of weeks until I need to ship dolls to Fabian for TJS and then I have to get to work on a few orders and dolls for TRXC. It is busy time for me! But when I have downtime, what will I talk about? 


timaru star ii said...

I am not the slightest bit worried you can't find something to blog on... :) Congrats on leaping that logjam and getting a new sewing machine! Wat a wonderful solution.
I know about getting up at o-dark. That will happen this semester for us. It means quitting time is 9pm. Eastern. Try to explain that to the world...

Sarah Janeway said...

That's the sewing machine I have and I love it! I've made a ballgown and two medieval dresses on it, plus a ton of pillowcases and also replaced zippers in a couple of coats. It's a good, solid machine.