Monday, August 5, 2019

More Fabric, Anti-social Post Office, Waze and the Tiny Duck

     I got to hang out with Crystal again and we decided that we had to take more photos together. In 22 years of friendship we have shockingly few photos. So as soon as I picked her up we took a selfie in the car. Then in the parking lot of Joann's we took another. My favorite is this one we got outside the post office. It also amuses me that I am sure people saw this and wondered about the crazy ladies taking pictures in parking lots. 
     I have often said that I should not be allowed in Joann's unsupervised. Yesterday I said to Crystal that being there with her was basically like being unsupervised, or maybe worse. She is also a crafty person so a total enabler. When I said I *needed* this cart full of fabric, she agreed. For the most part I just bought small pieces of super cute fabric that will most likely end up being horse boots. The pink velvet with embedded glitter I have no use for, but obviously I needed to have it. I did in fact need the black pleather I got. Joan and I both are in need of more to make doll boots. A yard each should last us awhile. Maybe. 

    After Joann's, Crystal introduced me to the anti-social kiosk at her post office. I was immediately insanely jealous that she has this in her life and I do not. It is a 24 hour kiosk where you can weigh your packages, print postage and then next to it is basically a ginormous mailbox. So you can not only print postage but ship packages, of all sizes, any time of the day or night. And you don't have to interact with people. WHY do we not have one of these in Ludlow??? It might be because we don't even have a full post office. Or maybe Crystal has one because she lives in a college town. I have no idea. I want one of these.
     Funny thing happened at the post office. Crystal was getting her packages taken care of and she and I were just being us back and forth at each other. After a bit a lady that was also working on packages asked if we were sisters. I paused for a second and said "yeeeees" in what I felt was a very unconvincing way, but apparently that woman was happy to get confirmation of what she already *knew*. So when we left we both laughed a bit because *obviously* we are sisters, we look so much alike...
     After I left Crystal, in the pouring rain I might add, I headed home with the idea that I would see if Ethan wanted to head down to Blick Art after Travis was home from school. He had mentioned needing to go there, or wanting to go there (same thing) and he was into the idea. Since we have only been there a couple of times I needed to have directions to get there and decided to download Waze onto my phone, since so many people have recommended it. A couple of observations. I remember why I hate using my phone as a GPS. I can put it on through my speakers and play music from my playlists. Which is great. Until it's not. For some reason my Amazon playlists like to pause after each song. Or sometimes after 2 or 3 songs to lull me into a false sense of security that everything is working. And if the music is paused, the GPS will not talk either. Which sucks. So either I can not plug the phone in and just have it talk to me (with or without music playing) OR I can not play music, which I don't really like as an option. I may have to put a playlist in the actual music app and try it again. Maybe that will work correctly. 
    The other thing I noticed was that Waze KNOW THINGS. It told us when there was a car stopped on the shoulder, several times, and it was right. It told us when there were police ahead, and it was right about that too. It was also super easy to report traffic to help the thing be more accurate. It really in an impressive app. If I can get things to work and not make me completely crazy.
     So we got to Blick and walked around and looked at all the things. For anyone that has not been there, it is a magical art wonderland with SO much paint, pastels, brushes and so on and so on. I even saw the fine point glue bottles there. Though I already have them (and for cheaper from Hobby Lobby) so I didn't need more. Anyway, all of this awesome art stuff and I bought...
    A tiny rubber duck. I feel it is roughly (large) 1:9 scale so I obviously needed to have it. I have absolutely no idea what I will use it for, but I have it for when I need it. And I sort of feel like I should have gotten more than one. 
     So all together I had a pretty awesome day. And I managed to spend very little money so I feel that was a bonus! Now to start planning and plotting the next projects...

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timaru star ii said...

A tiny duck! You don't have to justify every impulse purchase... I know perfectly well what tiny ducks are for... just having them. Dick Blick must be like our art store, Uncle Eli's. Very inspiring!