Thursday, April 30, 2020

Work, Work, Work

      Wednesdays are much busier school days for Travis and I. We always bake something, as part of our focused life skills lessons. Yesterday was blueberry bread again. Travis read me all the ingredients, all the instructions, referred back to the ingredients list for the amounts, he measured, mixed and did a really excellent job. We also had a long video chat with his teacher and did a whole ton of school work. Today was a very busy day. 
      In between school tasks I would go outside and hold ropes for Ethan while he cut trees. That is not an easy thing to do! My hands and my arms hurt. But everything fell where it was supposed to. 
       Early in the day it was pretty warm and sunny. Travis wanted to walk. So we did. Up and down the street, over and over again. We took a break for some lunch and then he wanted to walk some more. So we did. Up and down the street, over and over again. But I knew that we were expecting rain for several days. It was good to get out and enjoy the nice weather. Also, between Tuesday and Wednesday I think I got the same amount of steps as all of last week!
      After our second walk I asked Ethan if he needed help with the construction project he was working on. I held stuff and took notes for a bit and then he said he had a mega fun job I could do. Have you ever sifted dirt for hours? I have. I sifted this entire wheelbarrow full of dirt and then a full muck bucket. Try not to be too jealous. 
     Strangely, it was one of those weird, mindless, repetitive tasks that I actually enjoy. Silly little things amused me about it, like watching my hill of sifted soil grow, and tumble into the (what I think is) the compost pile. Or maybe it wants to be a raised garden bed if it ever gets warm. I have no idea what Ethan is doing with it. But I know it is now full of lovely, sifted dirt. 
      I FINALLY got some more interfacing in (though not the stuff I ordered from Joann's weeks ago) so I worked on cutting out some more masks. Recently I ordered some fun new fabrics from Field's Fabrics and I was waiting for interfacing. Now I have all the things I need and I cut out a big stack. I need to do the ironing, then I need to cut more elastic. And after that I can get into sewing some more masks. More and more places are requiring them in public. There is still a need. 
     So no doll work got done but a lot of other work got done. It was a good day. And I still have lots and lots of time to work on dolls before my Breyerfest sale. I want to see about getting back into the cross country vests today. Maybe. 

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