Sunday, October 13, 2019

A New Beginning

     Yesterday my big brother John got married. It was a really great day. We were asked to add an orange accent to our outfits, to fit in with the theme. I bought an orange belt and I wore my amber earrings. We made the tips of Ethan's mohawk orange. I think his accent was better.
     The way John and Lisa did their wedding was very unique and I loved it. Everyone was sitting and John and the boys were off to the side. 

When it was time for the ceremony to start John walked in alone. 
And Jack and Eddy walked in as well (they looked so awesome!)
     They released balloons in memory of Lisa's Dad who passed away. This was about the time I started crying. It was really beautiful.
Mike, Lisa's brother, officiated the ceremony. He did an amazing job.

Lisa also walked in alone. It was a really beautiful and very unique ceremony. 
     I was not in a super great place to get many photos, and the sounds system they had set up was glitching so I didn't hear everything, but it was wonderful anyway. This was right after John and Lisa were married. They stopped to wait for their boys.
     And then everyone went off to do photos and the rest of us went for snacks and the cocktail hour. The sun came out and it turned into a really beautiful day. Though even if it had been raining, it was already a really beautiful day. 
     I didn't get a ton of photos because I just forgot to. This was the seating chart in the front of the room. I thought it was really cute. I bet Lisa made all of it. She loves making things. 
     Their cake was gorgeous and looked like it was wrapped in birch bark. The entire wedding was really on theme for every detail.
        The bride and the groom had their first dance. Someone commented that it was their first dance ever. I have no idea if it was true or not.
    This is just a funny picture of John, being John. He looks mad but he was being goofy.
      Lisa changed out of her super awesome (drool worthy) cowboy boots into orange chucks for the reception. She also had an orange crinoline under her dress. It was gorgeous. 
     I got a selfie with my sister Cathy. 
And I got a selfie with my new sister Lisa. 
      It really was a beautiful wedding and a beautiful day. I am so glad to have Lisa as my sister now. She is amazing and I am so thankful that she and John found each other. On the way home Cathy said that at my and Ethan's wedding she was sitting with John and he said that he would probably never get married. Well, it may have taken him 10 years to do it, but he was wrong. And I am glad. He and Lisa are both wonderful people and wonderful for each other.
      Yesterday was an amazing day and I think I had enough fun for now. I was thinking of going to King Richard's Faire but I may just work on doll #1300 a bit and chill. I'm a bit tired. I love that no one has guessed who the doll is yet! Either that means I am being secretive enough or I am doing a terrible job on him. I guess we will find out. For now I will leave you with what I managed to do for him on Friday...


ShamrockFarmsInc. said...

Beautiful couple/wedding! All of you looked fabulous and it looks like it was fun. Hmm so much Armor! I don’t know all of the TV shows and popular movies...and I have medieval silliness in my head a la Monty Python and Mel Brooks...

GJ Berg said...

For one of my nephew's weddings, my sister took (family heirloom) wooden framed windows and put the table groupings behind the glass.

(They also used them for shower and put pictures of bride/groom in them)

Jo-Anne Baker said...

You and Ethan looked amazing. Funny that I've never been fond of orange..I don't know why but everything look sensational. 😍

Anonymous said...


Kristine G.