Thursday, October 24, 2019

Because I Need More Projects

      I feel like I am slacking again. Though it's only the beginning of the week (Monday is when I wrote this post) but time flies so quickly I feeling like it's getting away from me. This time of year does that to me. I have a much bigger head start on my TRXC sales dolls than I usually do, so that is something. I really like how my year is turning out. In the Spring I started making and putting dolls away for Breyerfest. Then after Breyerfest I sort of listed dolls on the blog, but not much of anywhere else. So I had a bunch left when I started prepping for The Jennifer Show. Then I got the dolls back again and I again sort of listed them on the blog and have been adding dolls to the bunch as I get them done. Once in awhile this year I have listed a doll. But mostly I have done orders and put random dolls away for the big sales weekends. It's worked out fairly well. I have to see what next year looks like. I don't know if I can sell dolls at Breyerfest again in 2020. That will still likely depend on the kindness of friends. 
      I really should not feel like a slacker, I actually got a ton of work done today. I got the dressage outfit from the last batch of clothes sewn, plus the 5 western pleasure outfits. Which are actually super basic, just tops and shorts for under the chaps. I still have to cut out all the chaps and so on and so on. But I have stuff ready to dress 5 more dolls. Then I also dressed the dressage doll and finally painted the gloves for the driving doll. So technically I finished 2 dolls today. That should bring me up to 21 sales dolls for TRXC. Which is a really good number and I think close to what I had in total last year and more than I have had some years. (I just checked my photo from last year and it looks like I had 24 sales dolls. Gonna beat that this year...)
     I doubt I can get the 5 western pleasure dolls I am working on done by the end of this week, but I can give it a good try. If Elecktra wants to go out driving tomorrow while I am doing laundry, we can do that. If not I will work on hairing heads. That is a good laundromat activity. 
      So I am in full TRXC prep mode, which of course means I need some more show projects. And why not maybe? As most of you know, Joan Yount is a good friend of mine. As most of you probably don't know, her daughter Mandy has started making tack. I decided that I really wanted to have an endurance saddle, because I have wanted one for a long time. So I looked up styles I liked and sent Mandy some reference photos. And she made me this really excellent saddle. 
    I liked it in the photos but when I got it in hand I was amazed. It is SO much nicer in person! The quality of craftsmanship is obvious and it looks pretty much exactly like the reference. So now I have a Mandy Claussen saddle in my collection. And I will likely be adding more. This is quite good and exactly what I have been wanting for a long time. I'm so excited!
   Really what started this was when Sara Bowman listed a hot pink endurance bridle/halter with breastplate. I wanted it. Of course I did, it was pink. But she didn't have a saddle with it. But then I remembered Mandy was making tack. So I asked if she could make me a saddle, I asked Sara if she could make me a pink endurance set (since she sold the last one) and here it is. I don't have the bridle in hand yet but sooooon. And then I will put the pieces together and see how they look. 
     They look excellent on their own so I am sure I will be properly impressed. Now I just need to also make a doll, since none of the ones I have are dressed appropriately for endurance riding, and I need to make a few accessories and some documentation. Because you know, I need more projects. 
      So to sum up, I got a bunch of sewing done and finished two dolls today and made a mental list of the new projects I need to finish for myself before TRXC. No pressure, I have lots of time, lol!


GJ Berg said...

Pink (endurance rider)? :D

timaru star ii said...

Thinking you're not a slacker, cute driving doll, Collecting tack, Starting a new good tackmaker! Definitely headed in the right direction!