Sunday, October 6, 2019

Casual dolls and wine

      I get to school really early. I spend that extra time walking around the school and visiting friends. I stopped in to see one of them on Friday and met this wonderful skeleton. He looks very enlightened. I want one. But I don't need more stuff. I really really don't need more stuff...
     Yesterday Ethan, Travis and I went to a memorial dinner for our friend Chris's mom. I guess technically these are often called a celebration of life. Either way, it is a room full of people, many of them I know vaguely from over the years and a lot that I don't. Those situations are hard for me. I don't like to say that my anxiety kicks in because having anxiety is a real thing and I have never been diagnosed with anything. I just quietly freak out if there are too many people I don't know. And I hope to find someone I do know. The second struggle is that a lot of the people there remember me on sight and I am not always sure who they are. Sucks. So when Ethan asked if I wanted a drink I said yes. A little bit of liquid courage doesn't make it so I remember people's names but it makes me care a lot less about being in a room full of people I don't know. Plus the wine was really good. 
     It was a really nice time and just what it was meant to be. It was not a sad day, it was the people Debbie loved together in a room, having a good time. I had a good time chatting with people and I got a fantastic story, about Travis, from one of them. Travis had wanted to go outside so Ethan took him out to the patio. There were a good amount of people out there smoking. I'm not sure how Ethan missed this one, but apparently at one point one of Chris's uncles said to our friend Heidi that he wanted some of what he was on (meaning Travis). Heidi told him he was autistic and he felt horrible. When Heidi told me the story I laughed! I said I KNEW I was right! I have always said that people should be jealous of Travis. He doesn't care what people think of him and he is always happy. I'm glad that the uncle didn't say it to me because I likely still would have laughed, and told him it was autism, and he might have felt even worse. I don't think he should. He wanted some of whatever was making Travis so happy. To me, that is something to want. I know I wish I could have some of that for myself. I would need less wine at parties that way.
     On Friday I finished the 3 casual English dolls I was working on. I didn't have a chance to get any photos of them until today. I like to try to get pics during the day with no flash, they just come out a bit better that way. But Friday it was dark when I finished and yesterday I forgot until it was dark. So I got some pictures this morning. This first one just sort of amused me. I don't know if the doll in purple and the doll in blue were having a conversation and the doll in black interrupted or if they are all arguing about something, maybe they are just deciding where to stand for their photo. 
     Because where to stand, and how to stand, is a big deal. I wanted the dolls to all be "looking" at the camera, that is important to me. I also decided I wanted everyone to be standing with a side sort of facing the camera with one leg forward and one back. That was the best way to showcase the look of the breeches I thought. Each pair has suede on the inner thighs, which is an unnecessary detail that I really like. Once the doll is on the horse you can't really tell if the breeches have suede on them or not. But they look more realistic. Also for a casual doll you might find a ton of uses for them when they are not on a horse. 
     These dolls are all for my TRXC sale but if you absolutely need to have one I will let her go early. Just send me an email to or a message on Facebook. Speaking of TRXC, I am all set. I did my online entry, the check is in the mail and I have my room booked. It's funny that this is my third big sale weekend of the year and the first one I will be attending in person!
     Today I need to dremel some dolls so I have them ready to dress. I need to finish one more casual doll, though not today, and then I can work on #1300, who is not a parade doll or a knight. Tomorrow my friend Jackie is going to do my nails so I have an easier time not biting them and I might not have any time to work on dolls, but that is OK. Tuesday I might be able to get at least a bit of something done at the laundromat but I think I can only count on being able to finish up the casual doll by the end of Wednesday. I am also hoping to at least get a start on #1300. Hopefully I can get him all finished by Friday! That would be pretty fantastic. As always, I will keep you all posted.


Sara Bowman said...

I love those casual dolls. That custom fabric is just too cool!

Sarah Janeway said...

I honestly love the detail of the suede on the fun breeches. It makes it all the more real. =)

Side note, every time I read your blog posts I immediately want to go try something new and wild with one of my dolls!

Brenda said...

Good job on the causal dolls. When you showed the in-progress photo of the breeches earlier, I immediately wondered if they’d have the knee patches or a full seat. To me, those details are an important part of the clothing and I’m glad you included them.

DonnaG said...

Your dolls are so awesome.

GJ Berg said...

Sometimes reading your posts I get tired from all the activities listed. :D