Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Fall Pony Finals Other Performance

     The Other Performance division at Fall Pony Finals was a lot of fun. There were a lot of opportunities for entries with cool, fun details. Starting with natural trail. I really loved these cool trail signs. 

And there was not one...

but two entries with raccoons (aka "trash pandas")

I had five entries for natural trail. So it was one of the larger classes of the day. 
Izaak owned by Joan Fauteux

It was a mix of English...
Tuesday Afternoon owned by Nancy Timm

SRF Picture Perfect owned by Donna Gruhn
and western entries. All of them were cool. 
Crimson and Clover owned by Joan Fauteux

Niangala Jack owned by Nancy Timm
The scene class was small, but really impressive. 
SRF Dark Side of the Moon owned by Donna Gruhn

SRF Malik owned by Donna Gruhn
     I really love the details on this doll. These days my favorite part of model horse showing is the little details. I've been having a lot of fun judging and looking at all the creative details in the entries. 
Next up was the Arabian/parade class. 
Pass the Buck owned by Terry Heath

Desert Design Owned by Terry Heath

SRF Picture Perfect owned by Donna Gruhn
There were a couple of gorgeous Arabian and parade entries. Another small but mighty class. 
SRF Malik owned by Donna Gruhn
The Other costume class was even smaller, but also incredibly impressive. 
Morzillo owned by Terry Heath

SRF Elegance on the Catwalk owned by Donna Gruhn

Chivalrous owned by Morgan Hudon
     The showmanship class was a class of one. But I loved it. Showmanship is one of my favorite classes!
SRF Picture Perfect owned by Donna Gruhn

SRF An officer and a Gentleman owned by Donna Gruhn

Wild Eyes owned by Morgan Hudon

In the end SRF Malik was the reserve champion in the other performance division.
     And SRF Picture Perfect was the champion. Both the models are owned by Donna Gruh. It was not a huge division, but it was tricky to judge at times. 
        When I got home from school yesterday I got tiny Abby in primer. Which I thought I took a picture of but apparently I did not. Then I got her in a coat of basic black. All we had hanging around was a semi-gloss so she looks goofy for now. But after I get her whites on and matte coat her she will look better. I got her in primer and then Travis and I went out to do some errands. 
     When we got back I remembered that I really need to get moving on prepping my Balicor for NaMoPaiMo. Getting the prepping done before winter seems like it would make a nice change. I got her in primer, now I need to check her over and see what needs fixing. But not today. 
     And since it so close to TRXC it was time for another random, and somewhat unnecessary project. Don't you think? I already own a halter with side pull reins and a lead rope. But they weren't pink and these are. These are also new and the other ones are a bit grubby because they are old. Anyway. I also made boots on the cowboy and western pleasure doll I have in the works. And I was pretty sure I took a photo of that too, but I don't have that one either.
     So I made decent progress yesterday and I got done the things I planned to get done. Tiny Abby got all the way to solid black, I got boots on the western doll and a made a halter. I did also finish my TRXC show plan and got it printed out. Sunday night I was pulling and sorting TRXC cards so I know that I actually have them and I'll be ready. I don't think I will have too much for tack changes during the show. Which is good, I really hate those. Four days until TRXC. 

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timaru star ii said...

I really like seeing the entries close up, especially the Parade ones. :) How far the hobby has come. The Akhal Teke one tickles me as I have researched that a lot - they got the elements right... now for some more-in-scale work.