Friday, October 25, 2019

So Many Western Pleasure Dolls

     I am in full TRXC prep mode. That means that "free time" is a much stranger concept to me than it usually is. I don't have piles of free time as it is, but right now I have even less. However, self-care is very important so yesterday I went to see Jackie to get my nails done and to hang out for a bit. I felt good about that decision because I recognize (finally) that I need breaks. But I was also feeling good about it because I managed to get a good junk of work done on Wednesday. I got feet carved and boots made for 4 Western pleasure dolls. 
     And I got the shorts and chaps on those dolls as well. 
     I then managed to get through the decorating on the red and black doll and a bit done on the purple doll. I didn't finish anything, but I got a lot done. Which is also good. I am hopeful that I can finish the rest of the Western pleasure dolls I am working on in the next few days at most. And then I need to make my endurance rider and a few other things in preparation for TRXC. But I am making progress. And I feel good about it. 
      Strangely, I didn't feel like showing so I volunteered to judge at Fall Poy Finals, which is being held tomorrow in Stafford Springs. Which means another day I can't get day doll work done, but also another day I can go to a horse show and see horse show friends. Getting ready to go to a show to judge is simple. Especially one that is fairly close by. I don't have to leave quite as early, I don't have to pack stuff to bring. I just need to go. I will bring sales stuff, so I will need to get there early enough to have time to set up, but I don't need a ton of time for that. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. I enjoy judging quite a lot. Not only do I get to see the competition but I get to see a ton of creativity. Both of those things might be missed on the day of a show. Plus when I am judging I will most likely (hopefully) have time to take photos. Which will give me something else to talk about. 


Nicholanefarm said...

Have fun tomorrow! Wish that I could go, but as usual I have to work. Take lots of pictures.

Notturna said...

Good that you took a break. Gotta take care of yourself :) Have fun at the show!