Monday, May 27, 2019

Knights are hard

     I decided that today was the day that I was going to finish Anna Blackburn's knight doll. He has been in my book a bit too long and was a bit too unusual for me to not finish him. I have some dolls in the book with no time limit (well, they need to be done by next year, lol!) on them, but they are not a type of doll I have never made before. This guy needed to get finished. Mostly so I could see if I could actually do it. So first thing I did today was to put on the rest of the armor that was already made and painted. 

     After that I cut out and shaped all the rest of the pieces I needed to make to finish him up. 
     He got dressed in layers, just as a real night would have done. 
     I tried to make the piece look realistic while also making it so the doll could still move. At least some. I know knights did not have a super range of motion when in full armor, but the doll needed to at least be able to stand and ride. Or maybe just ride, I didn't ask. I needed him to be able to move at least enough to do those two things. 
      Anna wanted the bit of tunic showing, like one of the reference pics she sent me. And she wanted a plume. I was sure I could do the plume but the armor I was not totally sure of. 
     Turns out I CAN make a knight in full armor. It just takes a while. There are a lot of pieces that go into the full suit and each of them needs to be shaped, base coated in black and then needs 3 coats of silver. But in the end you get a pretty convincing knight. 
     Some of his details I wish I had a better idea on how to do them. Like knees and elbows. But he is covered and has as few weeks points as possible. And real suits of armor have these odd week points as well. 
        In the end I managed to make a knight, in full armor, who can stand or ride and has at least some range of motion. 
    He looks good from most angles and Ethan told me he looks great. Ethan is always very honest so he would not say I did a good job if I had not. 
     I kind of want to have my own knight now. But this took a lot of work and I don't think I am up to making another one. At least not now. Maybe in the future I might feel I "need" to own a knight doll.
    For now though, Anna can own the only knight in full armor I have ever made. I hope she has a ton of fun showing him!

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