Monday, May 20, 2019

Medieval Madness English

     The next division in Medieval Madness was the English performance division. I started it off with Bring the Mayhem in Jumper. I also started off with a ton of sticky wax issues. The wax was super soft and my horse kept spitting the bit. Grr. So Bring the Mayhem ended the class in 5th place. At least he looked good in my pink and black tack made by Jennifer Buxton. 
     Sweet but Pyscho was living the Zots life. She's wearing a brand new tack set also made by Jennifer Buxton. Halestorm's doll doesn't fit this saddle perfectly (I guess I need to make a new doll again...)
    For her second class ever Sweet but Psycho got second in Hunter. Zots are amazing. Ann Harris gave me the tip on those. They don't stick to sticky wax so I kept fighting my stuff for a portion of the day. Things will improve and I think I might switch everything to Zots. If nothing else, they are not slimy like sticky wax. I just need to keep working on getting the sticky wax residue off of everything.
     The next class was games and Bring the Mayhem went in with this Housewife Scurry entry. Third place is not bad for a class that was pretty full. 
     I was looking for more classes to put Lilith in so I stuck her in my gymkhana relay entry. 
      I actually made up this relay, made up and created the documentation, and all so I could use a large pile of candy. Since I spent so much time making a ton of candy. 
     The bucket is a bit large for this tiny doll. I may need to get a little dollhouse beach bucket.
     The setup of this relay allowed me to use the muck bucket and mounting block that I have had for awhile. 

     My Elecktra doll is actually petting Lilith's nose. 
      I love this pony!

     The browband didn't really work on this pony and the sticky wax was barely holding the bit in place. When you look at it that way, 4th place is almost amazing. 
     Here's a closer look at the browband on Lilith. Time for some surgery...

     So much better! I horrified some people when I posted that I cut up the browband on a Buxton bridle. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. (and Jennifer thinks it looks great)

       The next class was Arena trail. Sweet but Psycho got 4th...
    and Bring the Mayhem got second. This was a new piece of documentation. The last show I had issues finding anything in my documentation for a right lead canter. This seems to work. 
    The next up was English pleasure and Bring the Mayhem won the class. 
    Sweet but Psycho ended in 4th.
    Next was Other English and I put Bring the Mayhem in with a dressage entry. I do not have the documentation for the test I used for her, so I wrote down the portion of the test he was doing, put down the arena diagram I have and I had the part of the test he was performing up on my phone when the judge came by. I will have to print better, neater documentation for this entry. I think I also have to make a nicer dressage letter. I had a piece of index card that I wrote on with sharpie. I can do better. 

     Lilith went into Other English with this cute entry. The rider is delivering Easter candy to her friends.

My documentation
I made this originally right before Easter, so it made a lot of sense then. 

I wanted to have a somewhat different entry and I added as much detail as I could think of. 

    I think it ended up pretty fun, especially for something that was actually a fairly simple set-up. 
     The judge loved it! And the repaired bridle definitely helped with this. I may have some other little things to add to this entry when I set it up again. I have some miniature eggs I want to color and "hide" in a few places. I might add some color to the little sign. And the doll in the chair needs a drink or a snack I think. Maybe both. 
      The show was going well and I was having a good time. I heard that Stacylynn, the hostess, is planning another themed show in August. I can't wait to see the classlist and see what I can come up with for new showing ideas!


DrButterscotch said...

I'm intrigued by the Zots. Which ones do you use?

Anonymous said...

Fun in the Sun, August 17. Sun and water and what else? Put your thinking cap on now.

Field of Dolls Studio said...

My zots are the micro size I think. The smallest I could find at Joanns when I was there with a gift card. Purple box, not sure if that helps.