Monday, May 6, 2019

Tiny progress

   I’ve made the tiniest bit more progress on this doll. She got her face painted and I added bells to her outfit. I wish I could find smaller bells, but after a lot of searching on line this morning, I think 6mm is the smallest I can get. She still looks cute I think. She needs shoes and hands and then she’ll be done. I need to add to the other parts of the costume. I am getting there a bit at a time.

     Today was track and then I had to go to the post office and Joann’s so not much time for anything doll related today. I am hoping I can get a bit done tomorrow. Between 1st period at school and the laundromat maybe I can at least finish with the bells and hair a head. I wish I wasn’t so tired, it makes trying to fit in a bit extra really challenging. But track is done in 3 more weeks and I will be back to a slightly less crazy schedule. Hopefully I can get a bunch more doll stuff done then!

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timaru star ii said...

The smallest bells I've ever found are what's called camel bells. They don't have a clapper or bead inside. They're just metal shells. Look in places that carry incense, beads, handwoven fabrics, foreign carvings and jewelry, for starters.
If that fails, I should think you could create your own out of thin metal.