Thursday, October 10, 2019

Working at the Dealership

      A couple of weeks ago Ethan noticed there were some fresh oil spots in the driveway in my parking spot. I happened to notice something similar in my parking space at work. When I got my oil changed I made an appointment to have my car checked for an oil leak. So today Travis and I went to the dealership to get my oil dyed. I brought some chaps to work on. 
     I didn't have to sit too long, they put the car on the lift and called me in to look at the underside. They say the oil we saw was from the oil change. I explained the oil in my parking spaces predated the recent oil change and asked them to please put the dye in. They did and then sent me on my way. Which is not the way I was told the appointment would go, but whatever. Apparently now I need to drive 50-100 miles and go back so they can check it with a blacklight and see if there is anything to see. I only work 3 miles from my house. This could take awhile. The tech did say the underside of my car is amazingly dry considering it's 8 years old. And good. I have had enough crap cars in my life, I need something good. 
    Tuesday I thought my doll stuff was lost in the mail. Usps didn't have my package listed in my informed delivery when I logged in and that is very unusual. I feared the worst and I imagine all the horrors that would be in store for me if that was true. I would only have 4 casual English dolls and 8 cross country kits for TRXC. I might have time to make maybe 10 more dolls before then, maybe, but I also would have had to remake some dolls that I sold. It would have been a huge financial loss and a major blow to my TRXC weekend. Luckily usps just screwed up their tracking system, not my delivery. 
     So now I have 18 dolls ready for my TRXC sale (or they are available if anyone wants one now) and that is way better than what I was fearing. I still have a pretty decent variety as well. I can likely still make about 10 more dolls before the TRXC weekend, but we will see how the next few weeks go. 
         Yesterday I got some mens cutting chaps worked on. I have 2 pairs all cut out and assembled and they just need velcro and buckles. I have another pair that is partially cut out. So I made some decent progress. I need one pair to go with a cowboy I sold, but the other two can be added to my TRXC sales stuff. I am really feeling pretty good about things. I have 18 dolls, in a good variety, I have a bunch of saddle pads, I have chaps and chinks, cross country kits, a variety of horse boots and judge's kits. I have some mini food still as well and I have 2 lunge whips made by Ekatarina Polygalina that I am going to sell. I finally got the pink one I have been wanting! So I have a black and a purple I am going to let go of. I went from fearing I would have almost nothing for sale to having a nice little stash. 
     Tuesday was a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day (does anyone know that reference? I love that book) and in comparison most days would be better. But yesterday was pretty great all around. I got to see, and have a short visit with, so many of my friends at school. I didn't have to cover a class 3rd period so got to help my friend out (I watched her class so she could go to the bathroom) and then I went to sit in Angelique's chair of awesomeness and I had another coffee. I stalked my box of dolls with the tracking number and saw when they were delivered and Ethan let me know he had the box in hand. The day was in general pretty great. And now we just have 2 more days of school this week, Friday Travis has a half day, so I will take one as well. I will go and visit Jackie again and get my nails done with some of the fancy gel stuff. Saturday is my brother's wedding and Sunday maybe King Richard's Faire. Lot's of good stuff coming up. 


Lynn Isenbarger said...

I know that book! Alexander Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst, 1972. Had a few days like that myself! :)

Notturna said...

I'm happy to hear your bad day did noy carry on over into the next day. This sounded like a much nicer day :)

GJ Berg said...

Some days are good, some not so good, some horrendous.

"Life is what you do while you’re waiting to die,
Life is how the time goes by!
Life is where you wait while you’re waiting to leave,
Life is where where you grin and grieve!

Having if lucky, wanting if not,
Looking for the ruby underneath the rot,
Hungry for the pilaf in someone else’s pot,
But that’s the only choice you’ve got!

Life is where you stand just before you are flat!
Life is only that, mister,
Life is simply that, mister,
That and nothing more than that!

Life is what you feel,
‘Til you can’t feel at all,
Life is where you fly and fall!" -- Zorba the Greek (musical)

Sara Bowman said...

All of those dolls look lovely! I wish I had unlimited funds to buy several of them :D

Kim Haymond said...

Some days are just like that, even in Australia :) One of our favorite books, especially with a kid named Alex. Glad the next day was better, and I love seeing all of the different places where you squeeze in work on the dolls. It's making me wonder where I can find some hidden time for props!