Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Brooklyn Comic Con part 3. All about miniatures

     I'm not even sure what to say about the amazing Batman dioramas that Roberto Williams created. Other than I know his struggles. And I think all model horse performance showers know his struggles. Finding things in 1:9 scale is a challenge. Sometimes you get lucky. And sometimes you have to hope the 1:12 scale items are larger than they should be (so proper scale) or that the 1:6 scale is smaller than it should be. But even with some of the details and figures being unfinished, these dioramas were truly amazing. And I am sure they will continue to become more and more amazing as Roberto gets them finished. 
      I went to Comic Con for these displays and kept on coming back to them, as they were being set up for a portion of the day. I found new details every time and I am sure I could have taken many many more photos. I may actually have more than I posted here. But enjoy these amazing 1:9 scale displays. I certainly enjoyed seeing them and sharing miniature making ideas with a fellow crafter.
       This is my 100th blog post of 2019! I think it is very fitting that it is about 1:9 scale miniatures and dolls. I'm hoping I can stay motivated, and interesting, enough to get another 100 posts done this year. But now, enjoy the miniatures!

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timaru star ii said...

What great miniature books! and the piano! The checkered floor is historically accurate.