Sunday, June 2, 2019

Lazy Sunday

     This morning Travis and I went to the track to run. It was actually turning out to be a fairly nice day, which I was not expecting. I ended up taking this selfie because my friend, Sarah, texted me. She said she was watching American Ninja Warriors and the thought popped in her head that she figured Travis could do that. She very well may be right, he’s pretty fearless. 
But today we just ran. It was still fun. Maybe I should find him a ninja gym and see how he likes it.
     In other news, I worked on prepping a horse. The rain held off completely and it was a lot warmer than expected. I should have done more prepping. But I just didn’t want to.
     So what did I do today? Not much. For once. Other than rehairing a head yesterday morning I have actually done almost nothing all weekend. Well, I did lots of things, just mostly not any doll work. And it was nice. I actually watched some shows AND read this weekend. Weird. Tomorrow is back to work. 10 more days of school. Next week I need to take a bunch of half days because Travis has half days. I imagine I can get a lot more doll work done than I have managed in awhile.

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