Sunday, June 30, 2019

I can breathe. A little bit.

     I have been super concerned about a big batch of dolls I ordered. Since the bunch I got from Jackie was misdelivered, lost or stolen, I have been worried about most packages. So, as I often do, I "stalked" the mail. Informed Delivery is both wonderful and terrible. Since I knew for sure the dolls were coming I went to meet the carrier at the mailboxes to make sure I got the dolls. Once I had the package in my hand I felt better than I have in days. Now I have more than enough dolls to finish my dolling goals. I can even surpass the goals if I find I have time and motivation. 
     While I was waiting for the mail yesterday, I started on a batch of vests for some cross country kits. I figured these were good colors to go with. I think I covered most of the usual colors people like and ask for. I also have a yellow one already made. As long as I can keep on making progress I should have these 8 colors, in completed cross country kits. They come with the vest with attached number pinny, medband and stopwatch. It's an easy way to switch up a casual English doll to make it a bit more versatile. 
     After the dolls arrived I got them all out of their packaging and switched out hands as needed. Then I grabbed 7 ot 8 of them and brought them outside and dremeled what needed dremeling (inner thighs so they sit better and armpits so their arms stay down a bit better). And I made this showmanship lady. She looks sort of boring in the photo to me, but all the dots are Swarovski crystals and she is quite sparkly and pretty in person. I was going to stop after the first two rows of crystals at the top but then decided to just go wild and keep blinging! She is really a lot of fun in person. 
     I am now up to 25 completed dolls, am still fairly motivated (I think) and my hands are doing OK. I have dolls and clothes prepped to finish another cross country doll today and another casual western doll. I am hopeful that I can get them both finished. That would be excellent!

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timaru star ii said...

Black Swarovski: I wouldn't want to cross her, that's all.