Friday, June 21, 2019

English dolls

      Yesterday I finally got to finish some dolls. I have been working on bits and pieces for days, but not managing to actually get anything done. Sometimes working in batches is great and I can work on a whole bunch of the same thing all at the same time, but then it feels like I am not getting anything finished. And that can be super frustrating. But today feels like I got 3 dolls made. Really, I just finally got 3 dolls finished. All of these ladies will be for sale at Breyerfest. 
       Besides finishing putting together the 3 English dolls, I also got a bunch of helmets that I baked the other night painted and some youth doll gloves and a bunch of doll faces. They are around somewhere. I worked an insanely long day, but I got a lot of things worked on and some things finished. And that is really excellent. 
     I also had a nice mail day. I got this whip from Ekaterina Polygalena. She is one of the very talented Russian tackmakers. I wish this whip was pink, but she didn't have a pink available and she doesn't currently take custom orders. So I have a purple whip. I am willing to trade if someone ever snags (sees?) a pink one by her! Or even black, either would look nice with my vaulting set-up. The purple one is cool though and I am happy to have a piece from her.
     So my hope is to finish up another couple of English dolls today. I have so many bits and pieces of them done that I think I can finish them. I hope I can finish them. And then I might actually take the weekend off. Or not, it's hard to say. It is getting so close to Breyerfest! And I still have so much to do!

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timaru star ii said...

I like the combination of 'baked' and 'helmets.' Congratulations!