Sunday, June 9, 2019

Struggles, broken things and goals

     Recently I got an email from The National Autism Association and they had this shirt available. I had to have it. In case you can't read it, it says Love needs no words. Which I think is very cool. I am sure Travis loves me. I don't know that he has ever said it to me, or that he ever will. Some things you just know. 
     In other news, I wrecked my second sewing machine pedal. It still sort of works but it is iffy and frustrating. So I replaced it. Again. After all, I can't not have a working sewing machine. Breyerfest is coming.
     So this is the new sewing machine pedal. It works perfectly, but today was super frustrating. My thread kept on breaking and knotting and I can't figure out what is causing it or how to fix it. My machine is working, but it is frustrating. It took awhile to sew the two outfits I got done this morning. 
     I am currently working on a variety of English dolls. I have a youth doll and an adult hunt seat lady that I need to finish for orders and then I have several others in the works as sales pieces. But I have been struggling to do anything recently. I am unmotivated and tired. Yesterday I managed to cut out two outfits. That was it. That is, I think, as much as I managed to get finished this week. The seasons are finally changing, and that always messes with me. It is a really inconvenient time to be so unmotivated. 
     I have some order dolls that absolutely need to get finished soon. Then I am hoping to focus on some sales pieces for a few weeks and back to some order dolls that have no deadlines. I was considering being a para for the summer programs, because the hours fit into Travis's hours that he will be at his summer program, but I think I am going to pass on being a summer program para. It could be incredibly interesting and I would likely be put with a younger kid, potentially with a very severe disability (because I can handle it) but I think I need to recharge. I need time to work on dolls and read and watch things on all of the streaming services I am currently paying for. And I definitely need to work harder at keeping up with the blog. I have goals!

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