Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Cardshark Photo Edition Western Performance

          My next division in the Cardshark photo show was Western. My first class was stockwork. There were 21 entries in the class! And there were some pretty amazing entries. My first entry was Flash in the Sky with her cutting entry. 
      Bootlegger also did team penning. 
     And Enchanted Eve went in with a roping entry. All 3 photos were old photo show photos. Bootlegger's photo was the newest of the group. None of them placed. 
       The next class was Reining/Western Dressage. There were 13 entries in the class. Bootlegger got 2nd place with his old photo show photo. 
     And Halestorm got 4th with his cropped down live show photo. 
    The next class was western trail-Arena. I put Caramel Latte in with a cropped down live show photo. 
     And Mocha Latte also went in with a cropped down live show photo. Neither of them placed in the class of 17.
Enchanted Eve got 6th place with her old photo show photo. 
     Next up was Western trail- natural. Enchanted Eve went in with an old photo show photo and did not place in the class of 13.
Caramel Latte got 3rd with her cropped down live show photo. 
    And Bootlegger got 3rd with his old photo show photo. 
    Next was Western Games with a field of 24! Caramel Latte went in with her tennis ball relay photo show photo. She did not place.
     Enchanted Eve went in with her 2 barrels and a pole game and did not place. Also an old photo show photo. 
     Bootlegger and his rescue race came in 3rd. This was another photo show photo.
There were 22 entries in Western Pleasure. Halestorm did not place with his cropped live show entry. 
Neither did Caramel Latte. Also a cropped live show picture. 
Mocha Latte also didn't place. Also a cropped live show photo. 
     The last class in the Western Division was Other Western. Bootlegger went in with this Extreme cowboy entry (photo show pic). He did not place. 
      Halestorm went in with a showmanship entry, a cropped live show photo. He also did not place. 
     Flash in the Sky had a cropped down live show picture and she placed 4th. I still love that I made that super bendy cowboy doll specifically for this entry. He is really good at holding a very bent position. These days he is less good at anything else!

No champs or reserve champs in the western division. The English division is tomorrow. 


timaru star ii said...

I sure would love to say I recognized the carpet in the Lattes' Western Trail Arena photos. Would that be Harrisburg?

Anne Field said...

It can't be, I have never been to Harrisburg. I think that has to have been the hotel in Boxboro, MA. I am not positive of that one though.