Monday, August 24, 2020

Customer Photos

        I really love to see my dolls in action. Out at live shows or in show photos, I always get a kick out of seeing something I made out in the world. With over 1400 dolls out there, you would think I would see them more. But that is not the case. I did get some really great photos from several great people recently though. They have said I can share their pictures. 
       This first photo has a beautiful dreamlike quality to it. Corina Roberts had to get Grace Little onto a horse right away. And she took some of her usual stunning photos of the first ride. 
Photo by Corina Roberts

     Juanita Bitter sent me this beautiful photo of her new doll. I love how this rider and horse look together! I also want that horse! He is so lovely! Everything about this photo makes me happy. 
Photo by Juanita Bitter

     Here is another of Corina's photos. It looks like Grace is not quite sure what to think of this horse. She doesn't look too scared though, that's good!
photo by Corina Roberts

      This next photo is from Kristian Beverly. This is another perfectly executed setup. It makes me miss showing so much more. It also sort of makes me want to host another photo show. It has been years since I have done that, 
Photo by Kristian Beverly

      Here is a full on shot of the last photo of Corina's. In this one it looks to me like Grace is making plans to ride this horse. No nerves there, just determination. 
Photo by Corina Roberts

     As I was working on writing this post I was also chatting with Jennifer Buxton. She asked (without even knowing what I was writing about) if I had seen this photo she posted. I had not. But I took this to add here. Jennifer's tall cowboy seems pleased to have such a big horse. Now he just needs some tack. 
Photo by Jennifer Buxton

       It is definitely not every day that I get to see my dolls in photos unless it is a photo I took. And I take some pretty terrible photos for the most part. Thank you so much to Corina, Juanita, and Kristian for allowing me to make you some dolls and to share your photos. 

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