Monday, August 31, 2020

Lemmonade Photo Show- Western and English Performance

     The first class in the western division of Lemmonade Photo Show was Western Stock Work. Bootlegger got 5th out of a class of 18 with his working cowhorse entry. 

     After stock work was roping. Enchanted Even got 3rd out of 7 with her old photo show picture. 
Lady Liberty got 4th.
Up next was Western Games with a class of 11. Bootlegger got 2nd...
and Purdy Zippin Chick got 6th.
      Western pleasure was really big and got split into 2 sections. Bootlegger got 5th in Western Pleasure Stock type. 

    For Western Pleasure non-stock type (which had 13 entries) Enchanted Eve got 2nd place.
 And Bring the Mayhem got 1st.
The first class of the English division was cross country. Bootlegger got 2nd out of 7.
The next class where I had a placing was other English which was a class of 12.  Bootlegger got 5th with his side saddle entry (which is an old photo show photo).
    And Lady Liberty got 4th with her side saddle entry. 
There were 10 entries in English trail and Bring the Mayhem got 1st. I would like to also note (for anyone that has reminded me over and over to do it) that before I took this photo I did tie the stirrups together like they are supposed to be, lol. 
There were 20 entries in English trail and Enchanted Even got 5th. 

      It was fun being able to enter Lemmonade Photo show. That is a live show I would, under normal circumstances, probably not be able to enter. So this was great! It also makes me (again) think about hosting a photo show. Maybe.