Monday, August 10, 2020

Miniatures Sale Catalog Update

      There are times when things go smoothly. I have very little experience with that. I worked on my miniatures sale catalog and PDF for awhile. I decided I would publish them today. It would give people plenty of time to look everything over and make their wish lists. I had a few more items that seemed unlikely to show up on time. 

     They showed up today. 

     If I had waited one more day to publish the catalog I may not have had an issue at all. But as it turned out, I had several. Even old blogger was weird if you tried to put in new photos in a post that had captions on the photos. But I managed to get the new batch in, eventually. And I don't think anything else got messed up. The PDF was a whole other issue. I updated it, but I didn't have time to get it into the post. We were doing some more work on the house and I needed to get back out to give Ethan a hand. Nothing is ever easy. 

     Once we were finished and all cleaned up I came in to finish fixing the PDF. And I had no Internet. It took me a bit of time to work that all out (eventually I turned my computer off and back on again... totally fixed it right away). Then I could not get the updated PDF to load on the hosting site. Only the old version would load. So I made a copy of the new PDF, gave it a new name and loaded that. That finally did the trick. 
     So for 4 new items I had to spend an hour trying to work out technical issues. That was a bit frustrating. I meant to be working on a doll. I still need to make some time for that. But I needed to get that catalog updated. 
     Anyway, there are 4 new items (pictured above) listed in the original catalog post and the PDF link is updated as well. It is incredibly unlikely that the last item I order will show up before Saturday. Even if it does, it's not going on the list. Time to package up some miniatures and get into a bit of doll work. Also, I now officially have 89 different items. 


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How many slices make a whole pizza? I can't find the post where you had mentioned that.

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