Friday, August 14, 2020

Miniatures Sale Today!

        It has been months in the making, but today is finally the day of my miniatures sale! I have been ordering and making miniatures since April, and now I am ready. Today at 2:00pm, EST, I will go live on my Facebook studio page. For a full catalog of all 89 items I have to offer, plus a printable PDF, please see the catalog blog post. The order the items will be offered in is the same order as on the PDF. The claim numbers will be announced as each item is shown. The post shows how many of each item I have (under the photos) plus the price of each item. Items marked with an asterisk can be claimed in multiples. For example, if you want 3 of something with an asterisk you would say mine, the claim number and X3. Items that have no asterisk you are allowed to claim more than one, just one at a time. So you would have to say mine and the claim number and then type it in again. This way it gives everyone a chance to at least get one claim in instead of the person with the fastest connection getting them all. Items marked with a Plus sign were made by me. 

     As always I will have trivia with prizes and I will have share prizes, though I am doing them in a different way than I have at my past sales. I hope everyone gets the items they want and has a really great time! Wish me luck!

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