Thursday, August 6, 2020

Judge's Kits and Repairs

      I don't know what it is, but I have not felt much like working on the miniatures sale lately. Maybe it is because I just did a huge live sale a month ago. Maybe it is because it's hot. And even though I am loving the heat (I am not cold!) it does not always inspire me to work. Plus we are still doing home repairs. I have a lot going on, plus a lot of uncertainty about the upcoming school year. I did finally manage to work on some more miniatures though. 
      I always forget just how many steps there are in making a simple judge's kit. I need to print the judge's sheets and judge tags. I have to cut them all out and measure and cut out the "clipboards". It takes a lot of time. Especially when you are making a whole lot of them. 
      I spent a few hours on them one night and then a few hours doing a bit more on them over the weekend. The beginning stages it seems like you are never going to finish. Though one kit doesn't take an insane amount of time. 
      I did finally finish them up. This time I used little pencils that I bought on ebay instead of making them out of cut off toothpicks like I usually do. I ended up making fewer kits than I planned because I ran out of pencils. I do really like them.
      Remember how my mini shelf had an accident a bit ago. I finally got around to fixing the broken horses. It was not challenging at all to put Jewel's head back on, or my Crouton's tail. 
     It was trickier to fix Tennytoo (do I have his name spelled wrong?), The pegs snapped off at the edge of the base. So I took my teeny tiny drill and drilled out the holes. 
     I held him in place for several minutes to get a decent hold and then bumped him up against the edge of the shelf to finish drying. It took me awhile to get around to it, but I finally fixed my broken micros. And now I broke the jump peg on my UpBidy, or whatever the micro one's name is. Apparently his jump got damaged in the fall. Well, I can drill out a hole in the jump and put in a bit of sculpting wire as a new peg. That should work. 
     We are getting pretty close to the miniatures sale now. It's only a week away! August 15th at 2:00 pm EDT on my Studio Facebook page. I will put the catalog blog out a few days early, with the printable PDF. I think I am close to ready.

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timaru star ii said...


Congrats on all your hard work. Those judge kits look very useful.