Sunday, August 2, 2020

New Tack

       I went through a fairly long phase when I really had no interest in new model horses. Or new tack or props or anything. I routinely go through phases when I think about just selling everything. And I think about all the money I would have if I sold everything. Then I wonder what I would do with the money. The end of that thought loop is I might sell part of my tack/props/horse collection once in awhile, I have never seriously considered selling everything for very long. 
      This year I bought my first ever tickets to Breyerfest. And since the show was virtual, I entered the show. The fact that I could set up live show entries and take pictures of them was exciting for me. Breyerfest is only for Breyer horses, both OF and CM, and I only own a very few traditional scale OF Breyer horses. I don't own any custom Breyer horses. So I went looking. 
      I found Purdy Zippin Chick and decided she was definitely the horse I wanted. Sara and I worked out the detail but then Sara remembered something about the horse, and Breyerfest. If a horse wins a champ or reserve champ they can no longer show at Breyerfest. Which sucks because that was why I wanted the horse in the first place. Sara said I could back out of the deal but I chose to follow through. And then I chose to go off the deep end. Chick needed new tack, since I thought she would look excellent in turquoise. So I ordered a braided bridle from Danielle Hart and I ordered a western saddle from Mandy Claussen. I asked Mandy if she would leave me spaces (we discussed where they should be and size and so on) and she made me a very lovely saddle that I really could have left just how it was. But I have bling plans for this piece. 
      Danielle told me what color of Swarovski crystals she used on the bridle, so I ordered some of my own. I wanted everything to match and look like it belonged together. They came in 2 days earlier than expected (yay!) and I got started on blinging my saddle. 
    I didn't do the most perfect job with the lower corners. Maybe I should have done a slightly different design. But if someone who is judging my entries it concerned with my less-than-perfect crystal placement, I have much bigger problems than not my quite perfect tack. 
      The back of the saddle was a little bit tricky. I had to make sure the crystals were smooshed up as close to the upper skirt as possible. And when it was only half done it looked really wonky. 
      I could not find a perfect angle to take the photo so you could see all the crystals but where it wouldn't look at least a little bit crooked. Maybe it IS just is a little bit crooked. This saddle has character!
          I did straighten out the row of crystals on the lower skirt before the glue dried. It was really coming together nicely. 
     Crystals got added to the cantle and I debated whether or not to add some turquoise crystals above the square crystals on the upper skirt. 
     Once I had everything the way I wanted it, and the glue was dry, I applied Super Shene to protect the leather. Mandy said she had not done this step in case it kept the glue from sticking properly when I applied the crystals. 
     So here is my finished saddle. It is not completely 100% perfect, but it is pretty great. 
     The saddle is incredibly well made and now has a ton of bling on it. 
       I have a plan for the doll to go with it, and the saddle pad. It should all look fantastic on Purdy Zippin Chick. 
      Here it is with my Danielle Hart braided bridle. The fabric next to it is for the saddle pad and the doll's shirt. I am excited to see this project come together! There are so many photo shows happening and I need to get new pics!
      I was sort of in a weird showing rut for years. I would kind of do the same thing over and over. If I tried something new, and it didn't work instantly, I would maybe abandon the idea. Then there was a trend, which started at Candyland Live, to have very loose classes that the entrants could get really creative with. I love taking a class name, like "Jester" and running with the creativity to put together an insane entry. I went to 2 shows where there were special classes like this in the class list and it got me really excited for showing. Most recently the Breyerfest Virtual show got me excited for showing. And now more and more online shows are popping up. I am excited for this. 


Danielle~Designs By Hart said...

It looks beautiful Anne!

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely stunning. Thank you for posting how you did it. I was trying to think of how to bling up a plain Breyer saddle. All of your work is wonderful.