Friday, August 7, 2020

Wild Weather

      Today is my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. That is definitely a big deal. Cathy and I have been discussing gift options for at least a month, trying to decide what we could do since we can't hold a big party for them. A big party would be so appropriate for such an important milestone anniversary. Maybe we can do the party next year. Anyway, we settled on some gifts and later on today I will get Cathy on FaceTime and go deliver the stuff to Mom and Dad. The photo below is a non-helpful hint to one of the things we decided on. 
       I got some more cool miniatures in the mail, which I need to photograph and catalog. My Ranchita also arrived, which I am thrilled about. I LOVED my Ranch Mare, but she was too big for my shelf space and I needed to sell her. But now I have a Crouton and a Ranchita and I adore them both. I need to get them painted. And dust my shelves. 
     So a trip to the garden center and good stuff in the mail was about the end of the fun for the day. A wild storm came through and we had to spend some time, out in the storm, trying to keep the tarp from blowing off our roof. It was not fun. The really excellent thing though was that one of our neighbors actually stopped to see if we needed help. And stayed and helped us. I was so boggled by that. Ethan looked up the wind speeds and apparently it peeked at about 47 mph. That was about when we were outside fighting it. Good times. 
     After we got things sort of squared away we went out back and noticed this group of trees down in our neighbor's yard next door. All of the bonsai and all of the flower pots were completely untouched, including the one on the pedestal. But several trees were down. Wind is a weird thing. 
     Those trees also haven't quite finished falling. There is this one vine that seems to be holding them up. I am wondering when, or if, it will snap. The trees won't fall on anything, so mostly it's interesting to see. I really am ready for all of our weather adventures to be done. 
     I decided after our roof adventure it was a good night to have a drink, but we didn't have anything. So I headed to the Pop N Kork, grabbed a gift card for our neighbor as a thank you for his help, and I discovered that a bottle of wine fits perfectly in my cup holder. Who knew?
     I am hoping to have the miniatures sale catalog post, with printable PDF, available within the next couple/few days. I am still hoping that the rest of the items will arrive in time, but I don't know if they will or not. I have A LOT of stuff as it is. It would be nice to have it all though. 
    For anyone that has forgotten, my miniatures sale will be on August 15th at 2:00pm EDT on my Facebook studio page. I will go live and show each of the items and people will be able to claim the ones they want. Very similar to all of my other live sales, with a few differences. It should be a lot of fun!

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