Thursday, August 20, 2020

Sometimes You Need to Play

       I am one of those people that definitely feels that you are never too old to play. There is no age limit for being silly or having and playing with toys. Yesterday I played with my toys. And I was very silly. I had a wonderful time! This first photo was not from yesterday, but I enjoyed it. I love my growing collection of horse blankets! I still have not put the first one I got (that Fabian picked up for me from some show or event I was not at), but soon. It is not nearly as pink as these. 
     I absolutely love the piggie blanket! And I love my super cheesy barn in the background of this photo. I was playing around with the prompts for the Pandemic Performance Panorama. This was not my official photo. But it was fun anyway. 
      I also decided to do a wear test on a new foundation. I have not much felt like doing makeup lately. But I love makeup and do find it fun. I realized on the day of the miniatures sale that all of my outdoor summer work made it so none of my foundations actually match my skin tone anymore. I had some returns to make at Ulta and the guy there color matched me (by eye!) and did a perfect job of it. He also told me I didn't actually need powder to set any foundation. WHAT? I feel like I have been lied to for years. I looked into it. Apparently it is true. 
     This one was after a few hours of wear. It's kind of hard to tell in the photos but there is a bit of a difference. One, I feel that this really is the most natural looking foundation I have ever tried in my entire life. Two, it does sink into my worry lines a bit, but it wasn't horrible (at least at the time of this photo). Three, for not having a speck of powder on this has held up amazingly well! I did use setting spray. I may have finally found a way that I am not unhappy with my foundation after 5 minutes. And while I sort of look cranky in these photos it's just because the sun was in my eyes. It's also important to note that I completely forgot to put on primer. That may help keep the foundation out of my "fine" lines (nothing fine about some of those lines, lol!) But I am super pleased with how my under eye area looks. Powder usually instantly makes me look old. So overall I am pleased so far, but definitely would like to experiment some more. 
       One of the prompts for the Pandemic Performance Panorama is Sparkly Performance. I started out with a sort of vague idea for that and then it morphed into something else. And this was necessary. 

      I now have a photo for all of the classes other than vintage performance (I don't have anything that fits in that I can think of) and the 2020 Performance class. I have plans for the 2020 class, but I need to make some more things for that. 
      I had a lot of fun playing with my toys yesterday and making things. I did do a small bit of shopping for doll items (for making dolls, not for myself or to play with) so I did a little bit of work. But not much. I gave myself permission to play. And it was nice. I spent some time outside with Travis, I got some photos and I made some miniatures that make me laugh a lot. I entered some more photos in Lemmonade Online Photo show and took a small nap. It was a really good day. 


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Unknown said...

So..what foundation?! It looks great! My only problem is I like the "dry" finish that powder gives.

The pics are coming out really nicely!