Sunday, April 5, 2020


        I wrote this post already but through the miracle of technology, I somehow managed to erase everything but the photos. So I guess I will write it again. Let me see if I can remember what I talked about...
        Thursday night I did some more prep for making masks. This has become an ongoing thing. I got a whole bunch more cut out and the interfacing ironed in. 
     I also put on a new set of Color Street nails. This set is called Unstoppable. Part of the purchase price goes to support Best Buddies and people with developmental disabilities. April is autism awareness month so it seemed entirely appropriate. 
     Friday I struggled a bit to get more work done, but I knew how good it would feel to finish up some dolls. I also wanted to try to get some more dolls done, to try to get approval, so I could get some more packages from the live sale shipped. I knew I had packages coming yesterday, so it seemed perfect. I am trying not to go into the post office if I can help it. 
      I managed to finish this bendy neck hunt seat doll. She was not too much of a struggle since I had gotten a bit of work done on her Thursday. It's strange when you are down to just a handful of details and you just don't want to do anything. But I got her done, she got approved and I got her packed up to head out. I'm so glad that Anne likes her and I can't wait to see photos of a setup! I may have to start doing some live show type setups just for fun.
      I also managed to get this cowboy finished up for Anna. There is one more doll for this order that I need to make, who is in my plan for next week. I am hoping I can make fabric for that particular doll since all the fabric stores are currently closed and I don't think I have what I need. 
      Last week Angelique had to go to the school to pick stuff up so she stopped by to give me flowers for my birthday. It was weird to have to stand so far apart to chat and to not be able to hug my friend. But it was nice to see her. And her dogs. The flowers are so bright and colorful and just make me happy. They are on my windowsill over my kitchen sink. Next to them is my cabinet of miniature food. Some of them I have made, but a lot of them are made by other artists from all over the world. I will do a photo tour of my miniature food cabinet if there is interest in it. On the right is my pumpkin spice soap I got from Lisa's bridal shower. I use that in rotation with several other soaps so it is lasting me a long while. And I love it. The wind chimes hanging in the background are a matched set to one I gave my Mom for Mother's Day one year. This is a really happy windowsill!
     So while I don't remember everything I said in this post when I wrote it the first time, I do remember that I said that while I was very efficient and productive this week, that is not the case for everyone. And that is OK. We live in very weird and sometimes very scary times. Sometimes all we can do is random nothing to distract ourselves from the weirdness. And that is OK. If you happen to be being productive, good for you! If you can't do anything, that's fine too! Be kind to yourself, it's important. And check on your friends and family. Give them a call, send a text, video chat, whatever you need to do. And if you have just had way too much bad news, check out this video link one of the teachers from LHS sent to us But bring the tissues, there may be happy tears. 

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