Monday, April 27, 2020


     Kylee Parks is an amazing artist. I’m sure just about everyone in the model horse hobby  has seen her work. Recently she sculpted a doll to look like her husband, Greg. Now while Kylee is an Amazing, multi-talented artist with a wide range of skills, she can’t make tiny doll clothes. It is not an easy skill, even if you have a ridiculous amount of training. My mom has been to tailoring school and she says she can’t do what I can do. So when Kylee asked if I would dress Tiny Greg, I said of course. 
      I had seen a photo of the head, in the doll’s lap, on Instagram. That photo was mentioned on Mares in Black #36 (I believe it was #36). The doll I got in the mail was even more amazing than the Instagram doll. Holy cow! The detail is amazing! And I felt a little bad because a lot of that detail got covered up.
    But Little Greg (Tiny Greg? I don’t know what his name is) needed some clothes. Kylee sent me some reference pics of Real Greg’s typical outfits. I sent back a photo with some fabric options and I got to work.
      I could have put a tiny garbage bag on this doll and it would look good (and funny). The sculpt is so amazing that everything looks good on it. I need to paint a hat, wait for some boots of the proper scale to come in (I ordered for a 12” doll accidentally) and lucky for me I also ordered some glasses. Little Greg needs his glasses.
     This has been a really fun doll to work on. Soon he’ll be done and he can hang out a bit until he gets sent home. Then I look forward to seeing all sorts of cool Tiny Greg photos from Kylee. I feel like he NEEDS to sign up for minis painting minis during next year’s NaMoPaiMo for sure.


pawprint said...

That really is an incredible doll and I love the outfit. I can't wait to see what she does with him either!

timaru star ii said...

Such a level of detail is startling. I'd rather say amazing than grotesque, but this is museum quality, both doll and clothes. I've seen worse in real miniature museums.