Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Fresh Air and Fun Dolls

      I sort of lost track of the days again. Or I wanted it to still be the weekend, I'm not sure which. Anyway, we have had yucky weather for awhile but Monday (I thought about it for a bit, it was Monday) was really gorgeous. 60something degrees and sunny. Perfect weather to get out and get some fresh air and have a nice walk in the woods. It really is lucky that Ethan knows the access to every bit of woods in the state. So many places are closed (but they WANT us to go outside) so more people are flocking to the places that are still open. Which sort of defeats the purpose of social distancing if a whole bunch of people end up going to the same place. 
      But lucky for us, Ethan's knowledge of outdoor places brings us to places that are really nice and not crowded. We still did pass one other hiker and a couple with their dogs. Not too bad though. The trails were reasonably smooth so I didn't have issues. It was a really supremely gorgeous day! We need more of those for sure. 
     When we got home I was not entirely motivated to work, but I was motivated to see if I could make a piece of fabric I needed. And once I did I was then (sort of) motivated to see if I had enough of it to make the dress I needed to make. And then once I discovered I did in fact have enough of the fabric to make the dress I needed to make I wanted to see if I could get the dress finished. So I did. Anna's doll is well on her way to being done! Tomorrow she will get her boots, head and helmet and then she will be ready to head home to be added to Anna's collection of unusual dolls. Because she does not really ask me for anything typical. 
     I am running out of certain fabrics and the stores are still closed. And some of them I am not 100% sure of the name, since I just look for them on the rack and grab them. Looks like it is time to go through Joann's receipts and see if I can figure it out so I can order stuff. That should be an interesting project. 

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