Saturday, April 25, 2020

Gift Exchange

     On Facebook recently I joined a couple of model horse gift exchanges. The format is super easy and makes it simple for everyone involved. In case you haven't seen them, they are the ones where the first person makes the post and posts an Amazon wish list. Then a second person joins and posts their own wishlist and buys a gift for the person above them on the list. At the end of the gifting time (I think the first one I joined is open for a week) the first person to have posted will buy a gift for the last person that posted. Which definitely makes it efficient and easy to follow. Linda Perry-Horst was my gifter and part of my gift showed up on Wednesday. The transaction screenshot showed two items so I know another surprise is coming. I have zero idea what it is but I have coffee. And I will thoroughly enjoy it. 
       I signed up with another model horse gift exchange with the same format, it may have been on someone's personal page, I can't remember now, lol. I saw it, liked the idea and jumped in. Maybe I will post one on my studio page. That might be fun. No one has to play, but it's a fun game. 
       I got a bit more doll work done on Wednesday as well. I know this lady looks like she is unfinished, but that is because she is. I ordered some hats the other day and some of them are in colors and one of the colors is purple. So I am waiting on a purple hat to finish her off. She has a really fun space themed purple shirt, a blinged belt and just a bit of bling on her cuffs and collar. I like the simplicity of the outfit, but she still has enough bling to be eye catching. 
      I may get started on another color wheel of cross country kits soon. I got some more ultrasuede in the other day, though not a ton for new colors. I should have checked the colors I already had before I ordered. Two of the colors I bought I already had. Oh well. I will make a vest in every color I have. Or many colors anyway (I have a LOT of colors of ultrasuede). I am not quite sure yet how many I want to try to make I think I had 14 kits for my birthday live sale. Maybe I can aim for 20 for my Breyerfest live sale. It's an idea. 

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Danielle Feldman said...

Would love to see more saddlebags in the next live sale, ya know, if you're looking to use up all that ultrasuede...