Thursday, April 9, 2020

Surprises and Finding things

         I got a package of dolls to dress the other day and it came with a sticker! I do love stickers. I immediately added it to the back of my order binder, along with with my NaMoPaiMo sticker and my F-bomb. I need more hobby stickers. I think I have to go to Breyerfest to get them. Which means I am unlikely to get more stickers. That sucks. 
      I'm starting to plan the miniatures sale. I still have absolutely no idea when it will be, other than sometime this year. I did order some things to be prizes and I started to make a list of what I want to make. Then I got to thinking about the show numbers and candy that never made it into my birthday live sale. I knew I printed them out and glossed them, but I had no idea where they had gotten to after that. So I went hunting, and I found them! So now I can get started on candy. 
     We went for another hike and this time went right off the trail. We ended up at the edge of a marsh, near the edge of the river. And there was no one around. It was nice. Further into the woods there seemed to be a lot of clearing going on, as if they are planning on a development. For now though, there are places to hike. 
     I finished up Anna's Dorothy doll and she got packed to go home. I think she will be a really fun costume jumper doll! The fabric for her dress was custom made and just about all of her details are very accurate to the reference photo. I am really happy with how she came out. 
      Dolls are happening, though I am sort of tired of them right now. I might need to take a bit of a break from them. Miniatures are in the planning stage, and maybe soon in the works. Homeschool keeps happening, though I feel my "classes" are a bit stale. When I was actually teaching I would plan lessons and activities, usually several weeks ahead. I am not going to do that now. So every day we wing it. And it's working, just sometimes it's boring. Travis seems to be having a good time. I am lucky he likes school so much!

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timaru star ii said...

I like stickers too. That horsehead is amazing.