Wednesday, April 22, 2020

It’s the Little Things

     Little things often make me extremely happy. The other morning I was looking at my traditional scale horses and realized I miscounted my OFs. I have 5, not 4. Which is more chance to show stuff in the Breyerfest show. That made me happy. 
      I got a bunch of doll outfits sewn and I had one prepped doll body left. That allowed me to be really efficient on Monday. I got clothes sewn, a handful more masks and I still had time to get into doll dressing. 
     I have the start of a top that I think will be a very interesting design when it is out of the ugly stage. 
    I got a shipment in from Field's Fabric and it included this batch of elastic, which made me feel extremely wealthy. I literally used my last 2 pieces of elastic when the package came in. This also made me extremely happy. 
      I also finished the doll I had planned for Monday. She has lots and lots of roses on her so decorating took a bit of time. But I got her finished. Goal reached, mission accomplished. And I was extremely happy. 
      Staying at home is actually pretty usual for me. Staying at home this much is not. But I am usually fine. And I am saving money in some ways. Going to the grocery store once every 2-3 weeks instead of several times a week is definitely saving me money (even though the cost of food seems to have gone up on everything). Going to Walmart only once or twice a month instead of once a week is definitely saving me money. So I have some positive thoughts that are making me happy. I still miss seeing people (video chat is AWESOME, but not the same) and I miss going shopping, even just window shopping, but I will stay home and do my part. And appreciate the little things. Because even now there are definitely things to appreciate. 

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