Monday, April 20, 2020

Paint and Sip

     I have done paint and sip classes a few times in the past. Before the world fell apart I said to my friend Brandi that for our birthdays we should go and do one of them. Her birthday is the day before mine, she loves art, we both love wine, it all seemed like a really great idea. And then COVID-19 and quarantine happened. Brandi had a really great idea though. She ordered us some watercolor paint kits and we made a plan and got on a Google Duo video chat and drank wine and painted "together".  I said I was a crappy friend because I didn't end up getting her anything for her birthday. She said I originally had the idea so that counted. I feel she is being extremely generous. 
      Anyway, I got on the video chat on my iPad, propped up on the basket of cords on the kitchen table. I had my wine, my supplies and my happy birthday card. I was ready to paint!
     We had an incredibly fun and silly time painting our watercolor hummingbirds. We hit the ugly phase numerous times and it didn't seem we were going to get out of it. The large quantity of blank space in the lower right hand corner was bothering me quite a lot (you trace the design onto the watercolor paper with a graphite sheet). So I added some background to try to even things out some. I hate it so much less now. The hummingbird itself is still a bit weird, but I have not used watercolor paints in probably more than 20 years! I ordered a couple more kits so Brandi and I can do another paint and sip at some point. 
      Social distancing can be frustrating at times but I have definitely seen some interesting ways to work around it. And a video paint and sip has some upsides to it for sure. Ethan got to join in and add his commentary to everything. That actually made everything a lot funnier. And no one had to drive home! That was definitely a bonus. I can't wait to do another paint and sip, in person or from a distance. 

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