Saturday, April 18, 2020

Interesting Dolls

       These days I seem to get a lot of interesting orders. People have gotten really creative with their setups and most typical dolls are fairly easy to come by. In my experience doll makers don't spend too much time making random unusual dolls since the likelihood of just the right person coming along to buy the doll is a lot lower than a typical doll such as a western pleasure or hunt seat doll. But unusual dolls are interesting to me. Some of them are very complex and are hard to get right. And some are not overly complex, like this pair of dolls for a therapeutic riding setup. But I love therapeutic riding and I really enjoyed making this set. I also haven't made a bendy neck Breyer guy in awhile, so this was fun. 
     I got started on a batch of dolls for next week as well. I have a parade doll in the works, a guy from the Spanish riding school, and several western pleasure dolls. I got all of the clothes cut out and most of the chaps put together. Progress is being made. I have no idea if I can get all of those dolls next week or not. We'll see. 
      Next week is school vacation and I am really glad about that. Most days, homeschooling Travis is not that big of a deal and it doesn't bother me. I know how to do it, and usually he is cooperative. But we could use a break. If I was lesson planning ahead of time and had some focus, I think I would still be OK. But I wing it every day, and that gets weird. So a break will be nice. Maybe after that we will be refreshed and I will be ready to jump back in. We'll see. I think we will definitely do some baking, even if it's not a school day, and I think more stuff sorting. I am back into purging my life again. I want to clean out, clear out and downsize things. I am sure I definitely still have plenty of stuff I don't really need. I think now is the perfect time to work on that project. 

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