Saturday, April 11, 2020

Odds and Ends

        I keep saying fun things like, I need to stop working so much. But it's tricky to stop. I still have to pay bills. I still have to take care of my house and Travis. I need to do school stuff for Travis and school stuff for LHS. These days I also have a lot of projects going all at once. And somehow, not enough time to do all the things, even though I have extra time. I still want to try out my pastels I got from NaMoPaiMo. I have to get some horses in base coats first. That is another project for the list. 
       One of the things I am working on is miniature candy and miniature chips. After losing them last time around I wanted to get started on them right away. I usually work on cutting everything out and then I will grab glue and stuffing at another time and start putting them all together. That takes hours and hours, or days and days, depending on how much candy I make. But my plan is to have plenty of miniatures to offer whenever I have my miniatures sale. I need to get moving on things. 
      I also got some doll sewing done. There was no way I was going to get another 4 dolls finished this week, but I figured if I got the sewing done for several dolls I could finish some and have a head start for next week. Efficient. And it take some time to get the sewing machine out and set up, so I like to be able to get a lot done at all once. 
     I was thinking about fabric, and looking for fusible interfacing online, since I am almost out, and I was thinking about the Hello Kitty bowl cozies I made for Crystal. I knew that I had more of the Hello Kitty fabric, but I couldn't remember where it was. So I searched for it and managed to find it. I still don't have any interfacing, but I do have at least a few cute fabrics to make masks out of. 
     At this point I am not sure I will ever have time to make masks for the hospital. With the CDC recommending everyone wear them I run out quickly. Ethan and I have been getting in touch with friends to see who needs them. And if I see someone post on Facebook looking I will let them know if I have any available. But my materials are running low. I am quickly running out of elastic, which is not the end of the world, I can make ties on them. I am almost out of interfacing, and I just don't know if they will be as good without it. The instructions on the CDC website for similar masks don't have interfacing, just 2 layers of fabric, but I imagine the interfacing has to have a purpose. Other than just helping fabric keep it's shape. I might have to start just using an extra layer of fabric when I run out of interfacing. This is all very frustrating. I miss the days of being able to get the things I need. 
       So I have been doing a random variety of things. Sometimes I get things done and sometimes I just get pieces of things done. Some days I feel cranky and bitey, and some days I feel great. It's all very weird. The good news is we are all healthy here, I know how to teach Travis so it's not a crisis for me to homeschool him, I can sew so I can help people out who need a mask or two and don't know how to make one, and I am never bored. I don't have time to be bored.

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timaru star ii said...

You're not alone in not having enough time even though you've got extra time. One word I'm using is perverse. Good luck with the masks; your fabric ideas are great.