Sunday, April 19, 2020

The Purge

       I don't have a lot to talk about at the moment. Yesterday I packed up some sold dolls to get them shipped, but not soon enough to actually make it to the post office before they close. So I currently have 3 packages that will go out on Monday. Not very exciting. But I have pink tissue paper again and that makes me happy. 
     I am also back in purge mode. I spent a lot of yesterday sorting through boxes of stuff in the closet. I have done that many times over the last couple of years, but I get a little more brutal each time I do it. After all, most of the stuff has been in those boxes for years. If it's been there that long will I really miss it if it goes? Several of the boxes were totes of tag sale items. I pulled things out to photograph and list for sale on Mercari. I have already managed to sell some things on there that were tag sale items, and usually for more than I was likely to get for them at a tag sale (in case anyone has forgotten/doesn't know, a tag sale is a yard sale/rummage sale) I have more tag sale stuff stored in the back of my car, but the weather was icky and it was not a good day to play outside. That will happen soon enough. And I will most likely continue to go through the stuff I have already gone through.
      After I went through the closet and all the totes I took a whole bunch of photos and listed things for sale. With any luck I can sell a bunch more stuff before Monday and be really efficient with shipping. I do like that sort of thing. 
       I was holding on to some stuff because I thought I might need/want it eventually. For the most part I have been fairly lucky and when I sell things I haven't used in forever, I don't then end up wanting them again down the road. Though sometimes that happens for sure. For now though I will keep going through everything and getting rid of what I can. I have managed to downsize quite a bit, but there is still more. How is there always more?

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