Tuesday, May 18, 2021


     I have been struggling a lot lately. I have been super exhausted and unmotivated. I don't seem to be getting much done. It's all sort of making me a bit crazy. Finally I am just a little bit less tired than I have been. Functional tired is something I can deal with. And we really only have about a month of school left. I think I will make it. 
    So the other day I was working on cutting out a bunch of doll clothes and I looked at my old, sad shirt pattern, which has been taped together so many times, and I decided I needed to just make myself a new one. So I did. Sooner or later I will wreck this one too, but at least I have a nice one for a little while. 
       I also made some good progress on a couple of hoodie dolls. I really do like hoodie dolls, even though the hoods get in the way of just about any hairstyle. But they are cute and definitely perfect for barn scenes or anything else that is just casual. And definitely perfect for playing with. I know I have said it before but I really am thrilled that so many people have been playing with their dolls!
      Yesterday was the last day of the math MCAS and we have 2 weeks before the bio MCAS. I have 2 different bio classes this year and I have no idea if any of the kids will be ready. Some of the MCAS questions are really tricky, and I am not even sure why. Sometimes it seems there really is no clear right answer but a couple of possible right answers. I guess because not enough kids have testing anxiety... anyway, done with state testing for a couple of weeks and then bio is only one day. We can do this. 
     There are only 19 days left in this school year and then I have 3 weeks off before summer school starts. I still have no idea where they will put me for that. It will be interesting to find out. I hope it ends up being cool. 

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